Rare Cabin Space Still Available for 2016-17 Antarctic Cruise Season

A favorite vessel among expedition small ship cruisers is the 132-guest M/V Expedition that plies southern polar waters. Small ship cruise expert AdventureSmith Explorations reports rare remaining cabin space (including for double, triple and quadruple occupancy) for Antarctica cruises in the 2016-2017 season, including the favorite months of December through March.

Guests favor this vessel because it’s the fastest ship in polar waters since receiving a $10 million engine overhaul. Logging in at 17 knots means less time crossing Drake Passage and more time exploring Antarctica. They also appreciate a large, dedicated mudroom that keeps their outdoor gear organized and dry, including the high-quality waterproof expedition parkas provided on every sailing. Also M/V Expedition cabins are among the most spacious in the industry, starting at 160 square feet. A Category 5 cabin provides a luxurious 320 square feet and steam showers. All these factors add up to an incredible value aboard the Expedition, especially with a current special offer saving up to 10% on all three Antarctica itineraries aboard the Expedition for the 2016-17 season, if booked by March 31, 2016.

Aboard the Expedition, guests are encouraged to get out on hiking and zodiac expeditions that are included in the rate and to get into the spirit of kayaking ($999) and camping ($349) add-ons. This vessel offers a 10-1 passenger-to-guide ratio aboard zodiacs, and its guides are titled CEOs, Chief Experience Officers. This means their knowledge and interaction with passengers are at the forefront of the company ethos.

Following are the Antarctic programs aboard M/V Expedition that AdventureSmith has rare cabin space available on high-demand departures, but cabins are selling fast. On all these routes passengers will witness some of the planet’s most impressive wildlife and dramatic landscapes. Colonies of gentoo, chinstrap and Adélie penguins; Weddell, crab eater and leopard seals; and orca, humpback and minke whales in the cold Antarctic waters are key players in this theater.

Antarctic Peninsula Aboard Expedition (also known as Antarctica Classic) is an 11-day journey from $5,699 per person, double. This and a 13-day Antarctica Extended Expedition Cruise focus on the South Shetland Islands and Antarctic Peninsula. Departures in 2016 are Nov. 12-24, Dec. 12-22, and in 2017 Jan. 2-12, Jan. 30-Feb. 9, Mar. 4-14 and Mar. 13-23.

Quest for the Antarctic Circle is a 14-day journey from $9,799 per person double. This itinerary sets off southward along the western coast of the Antarctic Peninsula, passing colossal icebergs and countless colonies of penguins while attempting to cross the polar circle. 2016 departure is Dec. 21-Jan. 3 and in 2017 Feb. 8-21, and Feb. 20-Mar. 5.

Spirit of Shackleton aboard Expedition is an incredible 21-day journey from $11,899 to the Antarctic Peninsula, the Falkland Islands and South Georgia, often called “the Galapagos of the poles.” A true wildlife adventure in the world’s most remote wilderness! 2016 departure is Nov. 23-Dec. 13 and in 2017 Jan. 11-31.

Why book now? Smaller ships are slowly being replaced by larger expedition vessels in Antarctica. As ship sizes increase it becomes harder to provide as intimate an experience with meaningful time ashore for all guests, said Todd Smith, founder and director of AdventureSmith Explorations (http://www.adventuresmithexplorations.com/), who has positioned his team as the international experts in cruising Antarctic waters by small ship.

“Antarctica has been ‘discovered’ by mainstream travelers and is on many ‘must-do’ vacation lists,” said Smith. “The short season matched with limited departures aboard small ships mean most cruises sail at full capacity. We suggest that travelers book nine to 12 months in advance for the best selection of cruises, cabins and activities. This also helps ensure the best price.”

In addition to its trademark personalized customer service, AdventureSmith has reissued its in-depth Antarctica Cruise Guide to help travelers decide what kind of polar experience and style of ship to book. Also on the AdventureSmith blog are primers on the differences between Antarctic and Arctic polar expeditions and how to best choose an Antarctic cruise operator.

For information on all of AdventureSmith’s small ship cruises, itineraries, availability and 2016-2017 reservations, Phone: 800-728-2875 toll-free or visit http://www.adventuresmithexplorations.com/.


Celebrate Earth Day! Book a Utah Raft Trip & Help Save a River System

Respect for the wilderness. To Holiday River Expeditions that means using oars on rafts, never outboard motors. It also is reflected in the first sentence of their mission statement, “[our] goal is to preserve our nation’s wild lands.” What a more meaningful time to pursue that objective than mid-April when the U.S. and 193 other countries come together to celebrate Earth Day and worldwide support of environmental protection.

Wanting to give back to the rivers they float on as well as past and future guests who come along for the journey, Holiday River Expeditions (http://www.bikeraft.com/) is offering a limited-time promotion. For anyone booking a Utah river trip between April 11-22, 2016, a 5% discount off the normal rate will be applied. In addition, the company will donate another 5% to the environmental nonprofit Living Rivers (http://www.livingrivers.org/) in support of their important river protection work.

“In the West we and 40 million other Americans rely on the Colorado River Watershed to let us float, light up homes and businesses and live comfortably in a desert environment. With mounting demands on the watershed and the threat of increasing climate instability, it is a vital time to plan for the future and defend these rivers from looming water diversions, draconian dams, energy development and climate impacts,” explains Holiday Trip Director Lauren Wood.

Living Rivers’ work is entirely focused on preserving and protecting the Colorado River Watershed which includes all of the rivers Holiday River Expeditions runs on the Colorado Plateau in Utah; the Colorado, Green, San Juan and Yampa Rivers. The nonprofit based in Moab, UT is the watchdog for the most endangered river system in America.

“This is Holiday’s way of wishing everyone a “Happy Earth Day!”  To help others experience and appreciate the wild places we explore while also protecting them for generations to come. These rivers are our heritage. Hopefully their salvation can become part of our legacy,” shared Wood.

For more information, availability, reservations or a copy of the 2016 catalog please call 800-624-6323, Email: Holiday@BikeRaft.com or log onto: http://www.bikeraft.com/.


Just announced today, the iconic grunge band Collective Soul will play this Saturday at the Busch Gardens® Food & Wine Festival this Saturday, March 12. Collective Soul is replacing the previously-scheduled Goo Goo Dolls, who had to cancel due to an illness.

Rock band O.A.R. will take the stage as planned on Sunday, March 13.


The Busch Gardens® Food & Wine Festival takes place on Saturdays and Sundays from March 5 through April 24.  Concerts are at 6 p.m. and are included with any Pass, Fun Card or daily admission. 


Collective Soul  – Saturday, March 12 at 6 p.m., Gwazi Park
As Ed Roland sings in “This,” the infectious first single and kick-off track on See What You Started By Continuing: “I got to go… where this song leads / Got to go… where this heart bleeds.”  Collective Soul have followed their songs and souls to hits and multi-platinum alt-rock success, starting with 1993’s anthemic hit “Shine” and onto “December,” “The World I Know,” a duet with Elton John, a song on the hit Twilight soundtrack, and eight acclaimed albums.

But that was then. And this is now. See What You Started By Continuing, produced by Ed Roland, as were all the band’s previous records, is Collective Soul’s ninth album, and first in six years. After 19 straight years of an often-gruelling album-touring cycle, the pause was intentional. And it served to bring the Atlanta-based line-up back with a fresh enthusiasm and approach. “People take vacations for a reason; to recharge and enjoy yourselves,” Ed observes. On their time off, Ed’s younger brother Dean formed a duo; Ed created the Sweet Tea Project; Will Turpin released solo records. “When we came back, we were just so ready and happy to be together and make new music,” says Ed. “We had time to think about what we had accomplished, and we are very proud of that. We came back with a lot more confidence.” Plus, with the 2012 addition of drummer Johnny Rabb, and lead guitarist Jessie Triplett joining the family in 2014, the classic Collective Soul triumvirate were even further energized.

See What You Started By Continuing accomplished what the line-up intended, explains Ed: “We said ‘let’s not be a band that rests on what we did 20 years ago.’ It was the first time we recorded with Jessie and Johnny so there was that new flair and excitement. Dean, Will and I had done eight other records together, but the new guys and the break really helped our heads into, that ‘wow this is exciting,’ and attitude adjustment.”

The slightly inscrutable album title, if dissected, makes perfect sense for Collective Soul’s current attitude, as Ed explains: “I write down a bunch of stuff all the time, phrases and words and that came up, and felt like where we were going with this record. We started something so long ago and we really haven’t changed. We experiment with sounds but we are still a rock n roll band; we make no apologies for that. If people say rock’s dead–I don’t think so. We’ve got our second wind and are ready to go; we’re not starting over, just continuing, strongly, with the same thing we started. Or the simpler answer laughs Ed, “I don’t know it just feels good, dude.”

See What You Started By Continuing does feel good, and the album benefited from fan and on-the-road-feedback. Collective Soul hit the studio in early 2014, but booked shows in the midst of the recording process, so “we were going out and tweaking new songs in front of live audiences; it was a lot fun, it was like pre-production.” Ultimately, the powerful collection of tunes nods to the past, but is a big step into the future. “We really appreciate where we started, and now, where we are as a band,” concludes Ed. “I mean, we won the lottery, so let’s keep going, and going strong. We’ve got our second wind.”

O.A.R.- Sunday, March 13 at 6 p.m., Gwazi Park

O.A.R., or Of a Revolution, is a shape-shifting rock band that is renowned for its vibrant live shows and powerful songs. Starting as a simple college band, O.A.R. quickly skyrocketed to the top of Billboard charts in the 90s and early 2000s with their rock and reggae-infused songs that are now staples in the jam band genre. Hits include the intensely-popular, “That Was a Crazy Game of Poker,” “Love and Memories” and “Heard the World.”

One of the best ways to experience every weekend of the Food & Wine Festival is with a Fun Card, where guests can pay for a day admission and come back all year. For a limited time, guests who buy a 2016 Fun Card to Busch Gardens also will receive a FREE 2016 Adventure Island® Fun Card.

Be the first to know about new events, special deals and future announcements by following the park’s blog at BuschGardensTampaBlog.com, or “Like” the Busch Gardens Facebook page, and follow @buschgardens on Twitter and Instagram.

Retracing One Family’s Explorer Roots and Legacy in Antarctica

The lure of the Poles is legendary. Especially the South Pole. Consider Sir Ernest Henry Shackleton’s third expedition between 1914 and 1916 that left his ship, Endurance, crushed by ice and his men reduced to tossing about in lifeboats on a stormy sea. Consider Rear Admiral Richard Byrd, Jr., who visited the Arctic and Antarctica. Most recently Henry Worsley, a well-connected Brit on a solo land crossing of Antarctica died in this pursuit in January.

Today expedition ships appointed for cruise travelers and offering organized on-and off-ship activities probe the allure of Antarctica.  On one Antarctica cruise in 2016, a granddaughter of the Chief Engineer of the SS Jacob Ruppert, one of Byrd’s two ships from the 1933-1934 expedition, will visit the frozen continent. She will be traveling with Seattle-based environmental crusader ExploringCircle (http://www.exploringcircle.com/), a new company that combines a long adventure travel legacy with a strong sense of purpose.

“I feel that by doing this it can give my grandfather, Walter Kerr Queen, a voice,” says Marjorie Adams. “He was in the company of much better-known names. But he is the person who made sure this steamship’s engine didn’t break down.” He had made his mark and money by designing improved expansion joints for industrial steam systems, a venture begun in his garage in Needham, MA. Eventually his work was known to Byrd who personally called upon Queen to accompany his second expedition to Antarctica. Queen, who was a Lieutenant Commander in the US Naval Reserve in World War I, was assigned to SS Jacob Ruppert, a steel vessel. The other, USS Bear, a wooden vessel, would over-winter. The premise was that if disaster struck, the wooden ship might not sink but most certainly the steel vessel would. Now available in paperback through Amazon is Discovery: The story of the Second Byrd Antarctic Expedition (Admiral Byrd Classics).

“The family story is that my grandfather wanted to travel as far north as he did south, after returning in 1934,” adds Adams. In 1937 her grandfather traveled on a Hudson Bay Company supply ship, SS Nascopie, into the eastern Arctic. She took a similar trip in 2009, traveling with a niece north to Elsmere Island.

“My niece and I were chatting about where we might like to go on vacation. My niece turned Grandpa’s words around: ‘I’d like to go as far south as I’ve been north.’” So she and her niece are booked on Antarctica Peninsula: Last Discovered Continent, a 12-day adventure that begins and ends in Ushuaia, Argentina after coming and going through Drake Passage to reach the South Shetland Islands and Antarctic Peninsula and the Antarctic Continent. Guests tour the region through the icebergs by Zodiak and kayak and have the option also to camp. They are on M/V Sea Spirit, a classic luxury expedition ship that boasts spacious suites, two restaurants, an open-bridge policy and an elevator. The Sea Spirit’s stabilizer fins will help to make the crossing comfortable. This journey is available from November through February at a per person double rate starting at $5,995. For more information on this trip please see http://www.exploringcircle.com/antarctica-peninsula-1

With decades of experience leading Antarctica travel and helping adventurers realize their polar dreams, ExploringCircle specializes in helping clients arrange the Antarctica cruise that is the right fit for each client. Details on other cruises of this region are available at http://www.exploringcircle.com/antarctica-travel. Some of these cruises offer savings of up to $4,000 on select cabin bookings on specified itineraries.

Before they travel, Adams and her niece, as with all of ExploringCircle guests, will be invited to examine ExploringCircle’s six related environmental causes, choosing one to which to pledge their support. This conversation is vital to the company’s mission. By talking about, for example, plastic detritus in oceans, young and old alike while on a cruise can wrap their minds around threats to ocean waters and to marine and wildlife. ExploringCircle in turn Pays-it-Forward by donating up to five percent of client fee to the environmental cause chosen.

“We listen to our guests and use decades of experience to help them realize their travel dreams. In doing so, we fund hope,” says Kristy Royce, founder.  “Leave No Trace Behind is no longer enough.”

Tickets on sale today for Tampa Bay’s most immersive Batman v Superman movie experience

Tampa Bay’s biggest experience, with a new option

Description: X:\A_PR_Folder\IMAX\Batman vs Superman\imaxbvssmall.jpgOnline presales begin at 10 a.m. February 29 for tickets to experience Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice at MOSI’s Florida Hospital IMAX® DOME Theatre.

For the first time, MOSI is adding an optional Preferred Ticket package, offering first access to the theatre for fans to choose seats with the best views, along with an included popcorn and soda, for an additional $6.

Seeing the movie at MOSI, inside Florida’s only IMAX® DOME theatre, immerses you into the action like nowhere else in Tampa Bay. The enormous picture expands across the theatre’s 10,000-square-foot screen, while the sound truly surrounds you, coming from massive speakers hidden behind the screen.

Director Zack Snyder shot portions of Batman v Superman using special IMAX® cameras, so during some of the most thrilling parts of the film, even more action and amazing detail will cover the Florida Hospital IMAX® DOME Theatre’s five-story screen.

Month-long Superhero Festival begins March 24

Opening Day for Batman v Superman is Friday, March 25, with two preview showings on Thursday, March 24 — and those days mark the dawn of a month-long Superhero Festival at the Museum of Science & Industry in Tampa.

·         Science of Superheroes · every day · Hands-on demonstrations, led by our STEAMpunks, show you the science behind some of your favorite superheroes’ powers.

·         Classic Superman · check daily schedule for show times · Get into the superhero spirit as we show the classic 1940’s Superman cartoons on the big screen in our Science Works Theatre.

·         Comic Book Swap · Saturday, March 26 · Buy, sell, or trade awesome comics as stores from across Tampa gather at MOSI, included with MOSI admission.

·         Member Date Night · Friday, April 15 · MOSI members enjoy a date night watching Batman v Superman while their kids get free child care and science fun with MOSI educators.

·         Crime Fighters Weekend · Sat. & Sun., April 16 & 17 · Every guest can touch amazing crime fighting vehicles and see cutting-edge police technology in action, included with MOSI admission. Police, fire, and EMS staff get free admission to MOSI and half-off for up to 4 guests.

Description: X:\Creative\IMAX\FloridaHospitalIMAX-logo_MOSI-logo_Dippin-Dots_Patch.jpg

Show times and ticket prices

Starting with Opening Day on Friday, March 25, show times for the first two weeks of Batman v Superman in the Florida Hospital IMAX® DOME Theatre are 2, 4:45, 7:30, and 10:15 p.m. every day. Special preview showings on Thursday, March 24, are at 7:30 and 10:15 p.m.

·         Ticket prices for Batman v Superman are $13.95 for adults, $11.95 for students and seniors (60+), and $10.95 for children 12 and under, although parents are reminded the film is rated PG-13. MOSI members receive a $3 discount off every ticket.

·         Preferred Ticket packages include early access to seats with the best views, plus a small popcorn and soda, and are available for $19.95 for all guests and $16.95 for MOSI members.

·         Availability of Preferred Ticket packages is limited and guests should arrive 20 minutes ahead of their show time for access to Preferred Ticket seating.

Follow this link to preorder tickets to Batman v Superman at the Florida Hospital IMAX® DOME Theatre, call 813-987-6000, or visit mosi.org.

Epic Single Track Mountain Bike Tours Led by Women for Women

The company that is changing how vacationing mountain bikers experience the best trails in the Western US thinks it’s high time for women to have their own dedicated weekend mountain bike adventures.

Chasing Epic (http://chasingepicmtb.com/), which is raising the bar and setting new standards in the world of mountain biking vacations, invites intermediate and experienced female riders to share the fun on three dedicated, all-inclusive, all-women weekends: April 23-25 and Oct. 21-23 in Fruita-Grand Junction, CO, and Aug. 12-15 in Crested Butte, CO. Female participants just need to be reasonably experienced and pack a helmet, shoes and appetite for epic single track adventure. See: http://chasingepicmtb.com/women-only/

“Chasing Epic is excited to offer multiple Women-Only trips throughout the year that are led by women, for women. We work with an elite roster of accomplished, fun-loving and inspiring female guides to bring you a long weekend of instruction and classic mountain biking,” said Steve Mokan, the company’s founder and owner. He is a long-time Colorado mountain biker and a veteran of the adventure sports world. “We’ll be riding some of the most incredible trails, both known and off the radar in these two iconic destinations.”

On these trips Chasing Epic has partnered with Colorado Backcountry out of Crested Butte, CO. The company is owned and operated by Janae Pritchett, who is a Santa Cruz/Juliana-sponsored athlete and a five-time US Telemark Extreme Skiing Champion. She has won numerous triathlons and mountain bike races across the United States. Other trip leaders are all accomplished female mountain bikers with additional accolades and accomplishments under their belts.  These include cross country and downhill mountain bike racers, the former Rocky Mountain ambassador for SheJumps.org, the second woman to climb/ski all 14,000-foot peaks in Colorado and the co-author of multiple backcountry skiing guide books.

“Our Women-Only trips include custom itineraries geared towards making each ride special and spectacular,” Mokan added. Included in the per person rates ($950 for the three-day Fruita programs and $1,250 for the four-day Crested Butte program) are inn and hotel lodging (never camping), hearty meals, high-end demo bikes (an all-carbon demo bike fleet includes Ibis Mojo HD3s, Ibis Ripley LS 29ers, and Niner Jet 9 29ers), local guides conversant with the terrain, customized eight-week pre-trip training programs, best-in-class ride nutrition, shuttles and lift tickets, gratuities and a dedicated on-site trip leader to help control gear mashers and share the stories and laughs with a group of like-minded riders.

The sleepy town of Fruita caters well to mountain bikers, with not much going on after hours except time to tell riding stories, clean bikes and get ready for tomorrow’s ride. It’s not unusual to see more bikes than cars on Aspen Avenue, and some of the in-town haunts (Over the Edge, Hot Tomato) are world famous. In the spring and fall, Fruita is a must-visit destination for those seeking adventure.

Crested Butte is truly a mecca of mountain biking, and according to some it’s where it all began. Dating back to the 1980’s, the town of Crested Butte has been at the forefront of the sport, and today it’s at the top of every rider’s “to-do” list.

“With hundreds of miles of trails, almost all accessible from town, there’s enough here to keep even the most avid mountain biker busy for weeks. Some of the more famous trails are the 401 Trail, Doctor Park, The Dyke and Strand Hill,” said Mokan.

Unlike traditional point-A-to-point-B mountain bike tour companies, Chasing Epic stays in a single town in each destination and dedicates itineraries to daily rides that cover a variety of the most epic single track trails in each area.

Mokan said that Chasing Epic provides a better overall experience for people who love to ride “by anticipating guest needs and partnering with the biggest names in the bike industry to put together the most all-inclusive and rewarding mountain bike vacations in today’s marketplace.  With our trips, we take care of absolutely everything. All you have to do is show up and ride!”

On the premise that “the less you suffer on the climbs, the more you’ll enjoy the descents,” Mokan has engaged coaching platform companies Training Peaks and Through the Wall Training to customize individualized training programs (valued at up to $400) for eight weeks prior to departure.

He emphasizes that these trips aren’t for touring and sightseeing. “At Chasing Epic, we pride ourselves on putting together itineraries of only the best trail systems in each location, and we don’t waste time with sightseeing rides. You’ll be on uncrowded singletrack from start to finish.”

Chasing Epic is dedicated to helping build and grow the mountain bike community through a Local Support Program that financially gives back to the organizations that have guided and advanced mountain biking to the popular sport it is today. Chasing Epic works with IMBA (International Mountain Bike Association) on the national level as well as through local clubs and organizations to support trail advocacy, expansion and education in the local communities. By partnering with these organizations, Chasing Epic is supporting the clubs themselves and also recognizing the members who put in long, thankless hours volunteering for their communities.

For reservations and information please visit http://chasingepicmtb.com/ or email steve@chasingepicmtb.com or telephone 303.949.3933.

Gear for the Perfect Family Vacation

Whether it’s a cross-country road trip or short flight, travel with kids always comes with a few extra…well, complications, to put it mildly. Make travel easier and take steps to avoid a Griswold-level family catastrophe with these handy essentials.

Dockatot is a cozy, multi-functional snuggling dock that you can take anywhere to ensure your baby feels secure. The small, snug space relaxes your child because it is reminiscent of the womb, and the dock is lightweight and portable, so traveling doesn’t disrupt this state of peace. Dockatot lets your baby rest, lounge, play, do tummy time, cuddle, get diaper changes, co-sleep and everything else, all while feeling safe and secure. Price ranges from $185 to $290.

unspecified-4  unspecified-5  unspecified-6


Clark may have supported putting Aunt Edna on the roof of the car, but you can rise above and keep everyone safe and sound—including the little ones—with BubbleBum. The first inflatable, portable car booster seat, BubbleBum gives your little ones comfort and safety on road trips, car rentals, cab rides, and any other expected or unexpected vacation vehicle. It’s portable, lightweight, and only $29.99.

Bubblebum Junkie takes it a step further: for long car trips, Junkie understands the need for snacks and entertainment. For $39.99, the Junkie comes with activity trays, cup holders, and a portable place to keep snacks cool. As Clark says, when it comes to road trips, “Getting there is half the fun.” Give your kids the opportunity to actually agree.

Bubblebum Sneck makes those car trips even more bearable for the kids with a micro-bead filled travel pillow that gives them neck and back support and attaches to the headrest. It’s only $14.99 and comes with a pocket for their phone or devices.

Below, left to right: BubbleBum, BubbleBum Junkie, Bubblebum Sneck:

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In the interest of security, MyBuckleMate is another must-have for upcoming road trips. No more whining because Jess and Andy just cannot manage to buckle themselves in the back seat, no more: “She’s buckled into my buckle!” With a holder that makes buckles easy-to-reach and that fits into tight spaces, both adults with arthritis and your little ones will be able to master buckling. And you can get on your way. All colors just $14.99.



The Griswolds were famous or infamous rather for their lack of preparedness. Make sure you plan ahead for your family trip. Save your car from being a gooey, caramel-laden mess with Booginhead’s Pack’ems, and Squeez’ems, $7.99. The former are reusable snack pouches you can fill with raisins, Chex mix, grapes, and other healthy treats to quiet your kids when you’ve got another two hours before the next rest stop. The latter are the drink, yogurt, or pureed food equivalent that you can fill up with orange juice, canned peaches, and everything in between, with an attached cap. Both products are BPA, PVC, and phthalate-free.

Or for an insulated snack that will keep, try Booginhead’s Thermal Pots, available in two colors. And if your toddler is spilling all over the place (I’d have trouble believing he or she isn’t), Super Grip Bowl & Lid secures your little one’s bowl so he or she cannot spill, throw, or otherwise muck up his or her meal. These mess-savers are $7.99.

Below, left to right: Thermal Pots, Super Grip Bowl

imgres-2imgres-1url 20000438_super-grip-bowl-lid-blue

At the risk of sounding melodramatic, there is nothing worse than dropping the sole pacifier or sippy cup at the airport when the trip has just begun. (Except, perhaps, driving all the way to Wally World to find out it’s closed.) Pacipouch, an $8 washable holder, can save you from a Clark-level meltdown, and Pacigrip, a pacifier leash that will keep little one from losing their pacifier even when dropped, can also stop you from reaching for the Tylenol, for $5.50. Sippigrip offers the same service for sippy cups, attaching to strollers, car seats, and high chairs for $7.50.

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Don’t leave home without it!  Use Splatmat anywhere you want a safe, clean place for your baby to play or need a tablecloth at a rest stop.