Old McMicky’s Farm Foundation Announces Barns and Beer Fundraising Event


Old McMicky’s Farm aims to put the fun in fundraising with its Barns and Beer Craft Beer Festival. The Farm has gathered the best local beer making geniuses for your sampling pleasure. Come out and relax while enjoying the beautiful, classic farm setting complete with a big red barn set on a picturesque 40-acre lake. Enjoy over 75 of the best craft beers and wine with awesome entertainment by The Greg Billings Band, great food and friends. Have fun playing unique farm games like farm egg races, lighted hay rides, mechanical bull and snap a few shots at the great photo opportunities throughout the farm. Do something new, different, and fun while supporting a great cause.

Add to your enjoyment by knowing you are supporting Old McMicky’s Farm (Camp Keystone) – a 70 year tradition dedicated to serving kids and families in our Tampa Bay community. 100% of the proceeds from Barns & Beer go to support the Old McMicky’s Farm Foundation, a registered 501©(3). See Community Programs at http://www.oldmcmickys.com/community-giving/

For Tickets and more details go to http://www.oldmcmickys.com/

Don’t miss this fun and memorable evening.
Ticket Information:
General Admission

Individual Tickets – Early Bird $35, Pre-Sales $40, Door $45
Six Pack (Limited Availability) – $200

VIP (Limited Availability)

Individual Tickets – Early Bird $50, Pre-Sales $55, Door $60

VIP Lakeside private tables in the Barn with VIP perks – seats 8 – $500 (Limited Availability)

VIP Half Tables also available.
**VIP Perks** Exclusive Access to Lakeside Barn Terrace, Special Sample Offerings, appetizers, Special Photo Opportunities, Pre-Access to all samplings

About Old McMicky’s Farm:  Old McMicky’s Farm, located on the Historic grounds of Camp Keystone (Established in 1946), is part of a cherished 70 year-old Tampa Bay tradition. The Children’s Educational Farm is dedicated to providing fun, educational and hands-on guided tours to groups, the general public and kids birthday parties.  This unique farm is nestled on a beautiful 40-acre lake and is both rustic and elegant. The Farm also hosts special events such as Barn Weddings, Company Picnics, Corporate Events, Charity Events, Private Parties, to support their educational programming and community giving. Everyone at the Farm is dedicated to continuing this wonderful tradition for kids and families in our Tampa Bay community.

About Old McMickys Farm Foundation: OMF is dedicated to giving back to the community in many ways. The Farm’s “1000 Kids” Program’s goal is to host 1,000 kids a year in the Tampa Bay area who are facing challenges for an awesome, educational and fun day at the Farm, at No Charge.  The Farm hosted was honored to host 1276 kids in 2014 under the “1000 Kids” program in its introductory year. As of August 2015, the farm has already hosted 932 kids facing challenges for a great day year to date. 

The Farm’s “Mission I Do” program provides Free, All-Inclusive Dream Weddings to Veteran’s and is now open to all active military in the Tampa Bay area. The third free “Mission I Do” wedding is coming up in February 2016.

Applications are being accepted through Oct 25, 2015. http://www.oldmcmickys.com/community-giving/mission-i-do/


The Old McMicky’s Farm Child Adoption Education Day brings more prospective adoptive parents in to the process to find more families for our local children in foster care. Over 450 people came out to the event to learn more about adoption, making it one of the largest child adoption education event in the nation. For more information about the Children Adoption Education Day go to: http://www.oldmcmickys.com/child-adoption-education-day/

The Farm will also be holding a Big Brothers Big Sisters Education Day in early 2016 to help find more “Bigs” for the hundreds of children currently on the waiting list.

The following are some of the organizations and groups served by the Farm’s Foundation:
The Children’s Home, Eckerd Community Alternatives, The Junior League of Tampa, Heart Galleries, Big Brothers Big Sisters, Children’s Cancer Center, Guardian Ad Litem, Camelot Community Care, Adoptive Related Services, Hillsborough County Foster Care, Pacso/Pinellas Foster Care, Explorer K8, Morning Star School, Fit4Truth, HOPE Camp, Monarch House, Lighthouse of Pinellas, UPARC, Sydney’s Academy, Florida Autism Center of Excellence,  Homeless Emergency Project Learning Center, Neurorestorative Clearwater Group, Spinabifida Support Group, Joshua House, March of Dimes, Hope Youth Ranch, Champions for Children, Fostering Youth of Florida, A Reel Future, Jackson in Action 83 Foundation.

More information about the farms community giving programs can be found at

http://www.oldmcmickys.com/community-giving/. To learn more about Old McMicky’s Farm please visit http://www.OldMcMickys.com or call 813-920-1948. Follow us on FB at: www.facebook.com/OldMcMickysFarm. Sign up to be notified about other great Farm events and specials by joining our mailing list at http://www.oldmcmickys.com/join-our-mailing-list/


Artisanal ‘Garden-to-Glass’ Culinary Craft Cocktails Elevating Beverage Industry Standards, Seasonal Soirées

Mix up your spirit selections and take your summer soirées to an unforgettable new level this season with libations that eradicate expectations: easy mix-and-go artisanal craft cocktails featuring Bloomery SweetShine’s award-winning line of all-natural, hand-crafted liqueurs that make premium spirits sing. No need to hit the bar for a stellar craft cocktail, as these killer farm-fresh concoctions are a snap to make at home!

Sustainably crafted with 100% natural hand-selected ingredients for a supreme garden-to-glass experience, Bloomery’s unparalleled assortment of SweetShine artisanal liqueurs are full of  farm fresh fruit, roots and nuts paired with homespun syrups and corn likker—that’s it…there are no preservatives, concentrates or artificial ingredients whatsoever.

Mastering mixology and becoming a “home bar rock star” is super-simple with SweetShine’s array of distinctive flavors that include “Moonshine Milkshake” Cremma Lemma, Black Walnut, Limoncello, Raspberry Lemon, Ginger Shine, Peach Shine, Chocolate Raspberry, Hard Lemonade and Seasonal Cranberry Clementine and Pumpkin Spice. All are ideal for pairing with the premium spirit of your choice, whether it’s vodka, bourbon, gin or champagne—just blend, chill and enjoy! Just a touch of SweetShine quickly creates a classic cocktail with a twist that’ll let you bid boring and unadventurous drinking adieu! SweetShine is also incredibly tasty as a beer topper or mixed into your coffee beverage.

“There is a growing resurgence with consumers who want to create craft beverages from high quality, fresh ingredients, but don’t want to be burdened with a drink that’s too complex to make,” notes Linda Losey, founder of Bloomery Plantation Distillery. “Our fans trust our brand in that arena, and are comfortable and confident that when they grab a bottle of SweetShine, they can add it to any of their current cocktails and they’ll create a fresher, higher quality, premium cocktail that was a breeze to make.”

The freshness of Bloomery SweetShine’s ingredients cannot be understated, with all agricultural ingredients grown at the distillery’s own farm,  local neighboring farms or other small American farms. Each item in the brand’s portfolio proffers an exciting and unrivaled flavor profile.

Home Mixology Made Easy
Here are 5 three-step artisanal craft cocktail recipes that’ll make your taste buds sing this season:  

  • Ruby Red Slipper: Equal parts Raspberry Lemon SweetShine, Vodka, fresh Ruby Red Grapefruit
  • Oh my Darlin’: Equal parts Cranberry Clementine SweetShine and Gin with a heavy splash of Tonic
  • Cremmarita: 1 1//4 parts Cremma Lemma SweetShine, 1 part Tequila, ½ part Fresh Lime
  • Southern Hospitality: 1 part Peach SweetShine, 1 part Bourbon, 2 parts Tea
  • SweetShine Mule: 1 part Ginger SweetShine, 1 part Vodka, 1 part Fresh Lime

Bloomery SweetShine, a leader in the locally sustainable craft distillery trade, is helping drive the emerging craft beverage category and “culinary cocktail” trend that’s now sweeping the globe. With more than twenty-one international awards and too many cocktail aficionado accolades to count, the company is doing its part to take the restaurant, bar and hospitality industries to tasty new heights.

When Bloomery Plantation Distillery opened its doors in September of 2011, we were the 424th craft distiller federally licensed in the U.S.—today those numbers have exploded,” adds Losey.  “The critical intersection of local sourcing combined with the handcrafting of approachable spirits like liqueurs is resonating in the marketplace. Consumers like a little bit of the unusual and appreciate our whimsical approach, but quality and taste are paramount—this is why we grow our own Italian lemons and Hawaiian ginger as well as grow and harvest our own black walnuts and pumpkins to craft distinctive, memorable and crave-worthy flavors.”

Bottles SM.jpgAnd crave-worthy they are! While entirely versatile with veritable limitless recipe possibilities, here’s an at-a-glance glimpse of SweetShine best serving practices:

  • Limoncello: Traditionally this is best served from the freezer into a chilled glass and we don’t argue with this tradition. However this will surprise you as a beer topper too. Spike a nice hefeweisen with a touch for a special treat.
  • Cremma Lemma: Also great from the freezer into a chilled glass or over ice. This is our “moonshine milkshake.” Remember to shake it up before serving. This is made with real milk and can often form a limoncello collar. This collar is the prize in the Cracker Jack box, better than any tequila worm. This tiny bit of lemon cheesecake has a bit of a kick and is certain to put a smile on your face. Try our “moonshine milkshake” in a little bit of bourbon and ooooh, so smooth.
  • Raspberry Lemon: Best served from the fridge or cooler. Mixes with EVERYTHING! Mixologists love it, bakers and chefs love it. Bottles are also designed to be used with a straw. Try it one to one with vodka and fresh ruby red grapefruit juice. An oh my, martini.
  • Hard Lemonade: An American favorite. “Moonshine-based” easy sipping. Low alcohol content. Just a great lemonade. Made from fresh hand-squeezed lemons with just enough spike, it’s a special hard lemonade designed for hot days or hot dates. Serve from the fridge or the cooler. Depending on the etiquette of your event, you may choose to drink from the bottle or through a fancy straw. Best purchased in quantity. Refrigerate after opening.
  • Chocolate Raspberry: Chilled is best, never frozen. Please shake before serving and don’t bake it in your car! Again all trades love it. Even coffee baristas! A shot in your coffee and it’ll change your morning routine.
  • Peach: This is phenomenal served over ice. Try this with something bubbly too, champagne, prosecco, tonic. Whiskeys call our peach girl a great friend with benefits.
  • Ginger: Don’t let the old guy on the label fool you, this is a new taste in a bottle. Never before has anyone captured ginger snap flavor and capped it. We like this best at room temperature. Try this mixed with ANY brown spirit, rye, scotch, cognac etc. also great with gin. Like the Limoncello, this is a WOW as a beer topper too. Try a bit with your favorite IPA or Pale Ale for a smoothing result.
  • Black Walnut: Like our Limoncello this is a traditional Italian digestivo, a straight from the bottle sipper after dinner finishing very smoothly. Unlike limoncello this is not as sweet and offers many spice flavors in the finish. The dark color is from all natural unripe or green black walnuts and a mix of spices creating a unique flavor for you to savor!
  • Seasonal Pumpkin Spice: Miss Seasonality with tons of personality. Crafted after Eric’s grandma’s pumpkin pie recipe. And, oh boy, did he nail it! The delight of pumpkin and spice in a delectable, chop-licking liqueur.

Bloomery SweetShine Gives Moonshine a Makeover

YellowGirl SM.jpgSince opening as a mini-distillery in the agri-tourism industry in September of 2011, Bloomery Plantation Distillery has been capitalizing on the craving for locally sustainable craft distilleries, the nostalgia for the prohibition-era and the explosion of fruit flavored liqueurs through its hand-crafted, award-winning SweetShine line. With a sweet spin on moonshine, the company makes moonshine drinkable through its award-winning liqueurs that are hand-crafted from farm-fresh fruits, roots and nuts. To date, more than 60,000 premium drink devotees have visited the distillery to enjoy a SweetShine artisanal cocktail of their own amid affable company.

The distillery boasts a wildly unique, imaginative and fiercely dedicated staff led by company founder, Linda Losey. For staffers, SweetShine represents far more than just a product line but rather is regarded as a foundational philosophy—an adventurous and even risk-taking way of doing things…a spirited and amusing outlook on life. This viewpoint guides everything the company creates, and Bloomery’s passionate one-of-a-kind team attracts customers from around the world who believe in, connect with and trust the SweetShine brand.

The distillery, located two miles east of Charles Town, West Virginia, is situated on a 12-acre parcel of land where they grow farm-fresh ingredients used in the elixirs, including ginger, raspberries and lemons, among others. Putting their unique spin on the process of making moonshine, Bloomery’s all natural SweetShine is crafted using time-honored recipes with 190 proof ‘shine, pure cane sugar and garden-grown ingredients. The entire process is hand-crafted—from the hand-zesting of every lemon, to the hand-chopping of the ginger, to the hand picking of raspberries, to the hand-making of its syrups, to the handwriting that goes on every bottle of every label. Each batch is individually proofed; the finished liqueurs range from 40° to 70°. Truly handcrafted. And it shows. Just a touch of SweetShine quickly creates a classic cocktail with a twist—goodbye to boring unadventurous drinking! Bloomery SweetShine is currently distributed to retailers, bars and restaurants in 42 states, and continues to expand distribution nationally.

Learn more about the brand and its admirable approach online at www.BloomerySweetshine.com.

New NBC Sports Grill & Brew Joins Impressive Roster at Universal Orlando’s CityWalk

The world’s first-ever NBC Sports Grill & Brew is coming to Universal CityWalk – bringing an entirely new level of sports-dining experience.  Opening this fall, the all-new restaurant is designed to reflect the excellence and excitement of NBC Sports’ award-winning coverage.

The new restaurant will combine a sophisticated and stylish setting with wall-to-wall sports coverage, a specially created menu that includes all your favorites and more – and an amazing beer selection.

A massive HD stadium screen more than 100-feet wide will tower over guests as they enter the restaurant.  Searchlights will span the sky.  And then – as guests enter – the real MVP experience will begin.  Food will be prepared on open kettle grills set where everyone can watch the action.  And every fan will have the best seat in the house thanks to nearly 100 HD TV screens that will be playing a constant stream of live sports content and in-depth sports coverage.

And no sports dining experience is complete without the perfect beer. NBC Sports Grill & Brew features more than 100 unique selections, ranging from craft beers to regional brews to an exclusive draft you can only find at the restaurant.

NBC Sports Grill & Brew continues the epic growth at Universal CityWalk. The entertainment complex recently underwent a historic expansion that included the opening of eight new venues in just one year. The two-tiered, 30-acre complex features a collection of themed restaurants, shops and nightclubs, including The Cowfish, VIVO Italian Kitchen, Emeril’s Restaurant Orlando, Jimmy Buffett’s Margaritaville, Antojitos Authentic Mexican Food and Rising Star.

NBC Sports Grill & Brew will be located right before the entrance of Universal Studios Florida, next to Element. For more information about Universal CityWalk, visit: https://www.universalorlando.com.

Slurpee All Access Chill Awards Fans with One-Of-a-Kind music experiences; Chance to Meet Pop Star Austin Mahone


For thousands of American music lovers, 7-Eleven® stores’ iconic Slurpee® drink could be the ticket to top concerts, exclusive trips to music festivals across the country, music downloads and once-in-a-lifetime music experiences including a meet-and-greet with pop star Austin Mahone.

“7-Eleven is launching Slurpee All Access Chill, and I’m excited for my fans to have the opportunity to experience some cool music prizes and a chance to hang out with me!” said Austin. The Slurpee All Access Chill sweepstakes is live and runs through July 18.

During the sweepstakes, every Slurpee drink purchase and scan of the 7-Eleven app member’s barcode is an entry to win access to the more than 17,000 prizes, some of which offer exclusive Slurpee All Access Chill music-related experiences like:

·         A Meet-and-Greet with Austin Mahone – With 13 million Facebook likes, 5.5 million Instagram fans, 8 million Twitter followers, more than 550 million views combined on YouTube and Vevo, pop star Austin Mahone has no shortage of Mahomies, as his fans are called. For some lucky Slurpee All Access Chill winners, backstage access to Mahone with an up close and personal meet-and-greet is a true once-in-a-lifetime experience. Includes photo with artist, round-trip airfare, hotel, transportation, concert tickets and $250 spending and travel coordinator.

·         Exclusive VIP trips to one of five top music festivals – including round-trip airfare, hotel, transportation, $1,000 spending cash and travel coordinator (may also include backstage passes and behind-the-scenes tours). Special Slurpee trucks will be at each festival, staffed to dispense free Slurpee drinks and giving away even more exclusive prizes.

·         Rock in Rio in Las Vegas, May 14-17

·         Sasquatch in George, Wash., May 21-26

·         Governors Ball in New York City, June 4-8

·         Firefly in Dover, Del., June 17-22

·         Electric Forest, Grand Rapids, Mich., June 24-29

·         Experience a music recording session firsthand – Thanks to Slurpee All Access Chill, a lucky fan can attend a recording session in Los Angeles with a famous producer at a world-renowned recording studio and visit the Grammy museum: includes round-trip airfare, hotel, transportation, $1,000 spending cash and travel coordinator.

·         Experience a festival makeover” with top stylist – Have a makeover with a Hollywood stylist to create a personal festival look with a new outfit, hair and makeup session, and photo shoot: includes round-trip airfare, hotel, transportation, $1,000 spending cash and travel coordinator.

·         Experience an album cover-style photo shoot —  Only through Slurpee All Access Chill can a winner spend a day with stylist to select the perfect outfit and have a hair and makeup session before an “album-cover” style photo shoot with a world-renowned rock ‘n’ roll photographer: includes round-trip airfare, hotel, transportation, $1,000 spending cash and travel coordinator.

But wait, that’s not all. The Slurpee All Access Chill sweepstakes offers thousands more prizes like:

·         Sonos Play:5 sound systems

·         Beats by Dre™ headphones

·         Fender guitars

·         Ticket vouchers for the summer’s hottest music events

·         3-month subscriptions to Spotify

·         iTunes gift cards

·         Music downloads

·         Slurpee swag like exclusive All Access Chill T-shirts and sneakers


The featured Slurpee flavor is also exclusive to 7-Eleven stores – Mtn Dew® Solar Flare. The bright red-orange drink has the bold citrus flavor of Mountain Dew® with a blast of tropical punch. Mtn Dew Solar Flare was introduced last summer as an exclusive – and very popular – Big Gulp® flavor, and is making its debut in Slurpee-form this year. And Lemonade Slurpee flavor is back by popular demand.

“We are getting into the full swing of Slurpee season as we head into summer,” said Laura Gordon, 7-Eleven vice president of marketing and brand innovation. “Summer is all about having fun, hanging out with friends and making memories. And, music is a big part of that. With All Access Chill, we hope to bring Slurpee and music together; and for a lot of lucky winners, create special memories that will last a lifetime.”

Music festivals continue to grow in popularity, especially among millennials, according to a number of brand and marketing experts. One in five millennials attended festivals in the past 12 months, and their attendance jumped 28 percent between 2013 and 2014. Besides music, festivals influence fashion, technology, social conversations and pop culture.

“We believe music is a way to connect with this age group on an emotional level. To be relevant, we have to be part of our customers’ lives to give them more reasons to love our Slurpee brand and create experiences they can share with their friends,” Gordon said. “Our 7Rewards loyalty program through the 7Eleven app makes it easy for them to get more of what they love.”

To enter the Slurpee All Access Chill sweepstakes, customers should register with 7-Eleven’s mobile app, which creates a unique bar code for each user. Every time any size Slurpee drink is purchased at a 7-Eleven location, the store employee will scan the Slurpee cup and member’s bar code, automatically entering them in the sweepstakes and a chance to win music, experiences and other prizes.

Winners will be randomly chosen from the scanned barcodes and alerted via the email they provide when they register. Prizes will be awarded each day and must be claimed within 72 hours of notification. Participation is open only to legal residents of the 50 United States who are 13 years and older as of date of entry. 

Each Slurpee purchase also counts as a punch on 7Rewards and the ongoing Buy 6 Cups-Get the 7th Cup Free offer on the 7-Eleven app. The app is available for download in the App Store and Google Play.

Tampa Theatre Announces BeerFest 2015 Fundraiser


Tickets go on sale next Friday, May 1, for Tampa Theatre’s BeerFest 2015, scheduled for Saturday, June 20. Like previous beer-soaked, tongue-in-cheek BeerFest events like The Brews Brothers, The Big Lebrewski and Beer and Loathing in Las Vegas, O Brewer, Where Art Thou? will feature craft beers and local brewers, plus snacks and samples from some of Tampa’s top independent restaurants:


·         The Refinery

·         Fodder & Shine

·         The Independent

·         Ella’s Americana Folk Art Cafe

·         New World Brewery

·         Ichicoro Ramen


·         Angry Chair Brewing

·         Barley Mow Brewing Company

·         Cigar City Brewing

·         Coppertail Brewing Co.

·         Late Start Brewery

·         Six Ten Brewing

·         Ulele Spring Brewery

While the Theatre continues to add participating breweries and restaurants, returning BeerFest event co-chairs Michelle Baker, General Manager of The Refinery, and Veronica Danko, owner of The Independent Bar and Cafe, promise that O Brewer, Where Art Thou? will feature enough oddball characters and down-home fun to do the Soggy Bottom Boys proud. Patrons are encouraged to dress as their favorite character or come in an “O Brewer”-inspired costume.

And though the theme may be silly, the purpose is most serious: Now in its 4th year, the (almost) annual BeerFest is one of Tampa Theatre’s favorite fundraising events, benefitting the historic movie palace’s artistic and educational programs, as well as its ongoing preservation and restoration.

A limited-capacity premium sampling begins at 7:00 p.m., and advance-sale tickets are $70. Grand sampling ticket-holders can enter at 8:00 p.m., and advance-sale tickets are $45. The curtain closes on BeerFest 2015 at 10:00 p.m.

Tampa Theatre Members save $5 off advance-sale prices, and any remaining tickets will be $75 (premium) and $50 (grand) day-of. Tickets will be available at the Tampa Theatre Box Office or online at www.TampaTheatre.org/ ($3 convenience fee applies).

BeerFest 2015 is sponsored by Platinum Bank and IT Authorities.

Luxury Wine Bootcamp Extreme Wine Experience

2015 Battery Tender MX-5 Cup Logo

France’s top luxury wine bootcamp announces 2015 dates: 

EXTREME WINE EXPERIENCE WSET Level 2,  Saturday June 20th –  Friday June 26th  and BEYOND EXTREME – WSET Level 3  Sunday 6th – Saturday 12th September,  at La Verrière. (www.laverriere.com)   Click Here for Hi-Res Photos

Extreme Wine is a luxury 5-day full-immersion course, from the vine to the wine, designed for wine enthusiasts who are short on time but big on passion. The course is hosted at the highest vineyard in the South of France,  La Verrière — a stunningly restored 9th Century former priory, high above the nearby Châteauneuf-du-Pape and Gigondas regions.  This private wine estate is within the Mont Ventoux UNESCO Biosphere Reserve and is home to Nicole and Xavier Rolet and their award-winning Chêne Bleu wines (www.chenebleu.com).

Extreme Wine (EW) offers unparalleled world-class instruction, earning it the title of most effective, most intensive, most luxurious and best course of its kind in the world. It’s also a lot of fun! Each day, gourmet meals are carefully calibrated to pair with the course’s 100+ benchmark wines, embracing some of the finest, most impressive and highly treasured vintages from across the globe. Hands-on learning in viticulture, winemaking and wine pairing combine with the stunning setting of this high-end boutique winery to enhance and complete essential theoretical knowledge.

The course is accredited by the prestigious Wine and Spirit Education Trust (WSET) with graduating internationally recognized WSET Level 2 and 3 Award Certifications* and a proprietary Chêne Bleu (Art of Food and Wine Pairing) Certification**.

Full immersion is the most effective way to convert passion into tangible wine skills and to ensure long-term retention. Extreme Wine significantly increases students’ wine and wine-pairing confidence, and imparts the experience of enjoying wine to novices and connoisseurs alike.

Extreme Wine creator Nicole Rolet enthuses, “For the past 8 years, we pride ourselves on creating a truly remarkable encounter between the teacher, student, nature and our passion for fine wine. Our exclusive bespoke classes stimulate and challenge our participants while having fun, forging a bond between all things wine.”

EW courses are taught in English by internationally recognized wine authorities Clive Barlow MW, former chairman of education of the Institute of Masters of Wine and Nick Dumergue, a senior judge for Decanter World Wine Awards. Together, they have a combined 50 years’ experience in wine education and the wine trade (see bios below).

Each day is packed with lectures and tutored one-on-one tastings covering all the major grape varieties and wine growing regions of the world.  Attendees focus on the difference between good wine and great wine and a curriculum including: decoding often cryptic wine labels; stocking, managing and accessorizing a wine cellar or wine collection.

Extreme Wine’s gastronomic meals are carefully crafted by Michelin restaurant trained chefs Fabrice Leclaire, La Verrière Head Chef, and Jon Chiri formerly of La Mirande Restaurant in Avignon, Provence (see bios below).

This year for the first time, within the Spirits section of the WSET programme, we proudly include a tutored tasting session via  international teleconferencing to  Sam Galsworthy founder of the London artisanal Sipsmith brand www.sipsmith.com

2015 prices range from €5100 – €8750 per person, for single occupancy, (reduced rates for shared occupancy) and is all-inclusive with 6 nights luxury accommodation, gourmet meals and airport transfers (see Tuition below). A bespoke Wine Experience course can also be designed for family, friends or corporate team building at a convenient date. 


Visit our website www.chenebleuextremewine.com

Eclectic Entertainment Spices Up Food & Wine Festival


This spring, the Busch Gardens® Food & Wine Festival brings together the best ingredients for a good time, including live entertainment, stage shows and local band performances on Gwazi Field:

Local Band Performances

Before headlining concerts at 6 p.m., local bands take the stage at 1:45 p.m. and 4 p.m. Some of the hottest Tampa Bay-area bands will entertain festivalgoers, including the Jacob Jeffries Band, Orange Avenue and more. For the entire lineup, visit buschgardens.com.


Mix It Up

This high-energy, food-inspired rhythmic show will get the entire family’s pulse dancing with up-beat music, drum solos, dancers and more. Catch this all-new live stage show at Marrakesh Theatre select times on Festival days.


Wine Glass Harp

Wine glass harmonies vibrate throughout the Moroccan Village as a glass harpist fills the air with an interactive performance simply using wine glasses and water. Performances are at various times on Tuesdays through Saturdays.


Atmospheric Entertainment

Busch Gardens brings together the best in entertainment with a flying cellist who combines the art of flying with music and a living fountain that captivates guests with a statuesque performance. Plus, character appearances from a chef, spice salesman and self-acclaimed food and wine experts add exciting, comedic flavor along the Festival pathway.


Busch Gardens invites guests to unleash their inner foodie during the inaugural Food & Wine Festival with an exciting variety of sample-size tastings of delicious cuisine and spirits, tempting taste buds like never before. Plus, the Food & Wine Festival brings together the best in pop, soft rock, Latin, country, contemporary and classic music during live concerts every event day on Gwazi Field. The event takes place on weekends now through April 26.

The Festival is included with any Pass, Fun Card or daily admission. Food and beverage is not included with park admission and is available for an extra fee. Guests must be 21 years of age or older to consume alcoholic beverages.

For more information, visit buschgardens.com. Or, be the first to know about new events, special deals and future announcements by following the park’s blog at BuschGardensTampaBlog.com, and join the conversation by using #CorksandCoasters on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.