Chamber of Horrors NY Brings Fear to the Spirit of Christmas

Long Island’s only off season holiday horror show, Chamber of Horrors NY, is bringing Santa back to make sure haunt goers continue to fear the naughty list. Christmas and H0-H0-H0RROR go together perfectly during A VERY SCARY XMAS PART 2, featuring Nightmare on 34th St. and The Elf Asylum. The haunt promises double the fear as you are stalked by Santa and his minions of cannibalistic elves, zombie snowmen and other twisted Christmas characters.

A VERY SCARY XMAS PART 2 is designed to scare your stockings off.  As participants go room to room, the settings and characters get progressively more frightening. The haunt is not a holiday show for the faint-hearted, but rather an interactive theatrical experience. Santa is skipping town and bringing a new tradition to the holidays: the spirit of fear.
A few chills on Christmas aren’t completely outside of the spirit of the holiday. It may be hard to believe, but the evolution of haunted houses began during The Dark Ages, where Christians literally scared people into believing their message. Pageant wagons toured the lands performing plays that often included the scarier parts of biblical stories. Similar to haunts, attendees enjoyed the scares and gore right along with the morals.
Beginning with the dark Dickens morality tale “A Christmas Carol,” Hollywood has continued to notice the evolving trend of horror during the holidays. This year, Krampus, a demonic child-eating goat is coming to punish misbehaved children.
The Christmas fright fest will take place on December 11th, 12th, 18th and 19th. Admission tickets are currently being sold on the Chamber of Horrors NY Website for $25 and include a picture with Santa.

How To Make Family Focus A New Year’s Resolution In 2015


Anyone with kids knows how crazy life can get. Between work, school, sports, extra-curricular activities, doctor appointments and anything else that has both parents running five different directions at once, family time has dwindled for many. Sometimes it’s non-existent. Make one of your resolutions for 2015 putting more focus on your family. The experts at – an advice-sharing and personal information storing network for parents – are here with suggestions to help you stick to your resolution.

Raising healthy well adjusted kids takes a lot of energy.  Working parents can feel like they are being pulled in multiple directions simultaneously which can be stressful and have an adverse impact on kids.  Whether you are a single parent or a dual income family, balancing family and career can be challenging.  Check out these family friendly tips to bring structure to a fragmented lifestyle:

Be present – Parents have to work, that is just a fact of life.  Kids sometimes feel neglected when both parents work. Juggling family and career can create a hectic home life and kids can easily sense when they are not at the top of the priority list.  Stress at work can also rear its ugly head at home by giving in to short tempers and using harsh words.  The best way to build a harmonious home life is to be present when you’re home.  Check the worries of the day at the door and be intentional about focusing on the kids.  Eating dinner together and having a bedtime ritual the kids can count on will help reinforce how much they are loved and cared for.

Validate your child’s feelings – Encourage your kids to talk about how they feel when you have to work long hours.  Validate how they feel and speak in terms that are age appropriate.  Create rules for home that exclude bringing work home.  If work must to be done, make sure it’s completed after the kids are tucked into bed.  Make family time a priority.  Eating dinner together as a family may not always be possible so schedule a family night once a week to do activities together as a family. Having something positive for the kids to look forward to will help balance out the negative feelings they may experience while you’re away at work.

Create quality time – When kids are young, early bedtimes play a role in how much family time is available during the week. Make the most of the time you have with the kids by turning off technology and making them feel like they are your only priority after work.  Be intentional about your family plan and schedule time for the things that are truly important.  Kids don’t understand the difference between quality and quantity time when they are little so it’s important to make all of the time you spend together quality time.  Create an atmosphere of love and explain everyone’s role in the family.  For mommy and daddy, one of those roles is earning money, etc.

Have an afterschool plan – Latch key kids are still at risk if there is no adult supervision after school.  Kids should not be left on their own to raise themselves.  Kids with two working parents can suffer when it comes time to do homework and getting the help they need to succeed.  If both parents work, make sure there is a plan in place to help your child get homework done by hiring a tutor after school, using school provided services or enlisting a family member to help.

Focus on benefits – Increased income generated by both parents working can create additional opportunities for kids that might not otherwise be possible.  Traveling as a family, taking art or music classes, or even attending private schools can be a benefit of both parents working.  Children with working parents also are exposed to other social settings which can spark emotional and social development.  Kids in households with two working parents learn at a young age that other adults can care for them and meet their needs.

Recent studies show that two income households can produce happy, confident, well-adjusted kids.  Focus on what is right for you whether that means pursuing a career or staying at home, kids will notice and respond accordingly.

Fortunately, there are a number of handy tools available for working parents. like  Besides being an online community full of advice for parents, Kinsights provides you with the opportunity to store and keep track of your kids medical information, in a completely secure and free manner. Not only can both parents have quick and easy access to this information, but you can also export and print it so you can have it on hand when you’re traveling or to pass along to a sitter, grandparent, or new doctor.   

We all know resolutions are hard to keep. Many get broken. Make sure focusing on your family is the one you do keep. Your family depends on it.

Voting underway till January 1 for favorite boat in Pompano Beach Boat Parade

2015 Battery Tender MX-5 Cup Logo

With so many great entries into the 52nd Annual Greater Pompano Beach Boat Parade this year, it will be hard for voters to decide their favorite. Held every year in mid-December, this year the committee added a People’s Choice Award to recognize the community’s favorite boat and voting continues through January 1 at the parade’s Facebook page: PompanoBeachBoatParade or through this link:

“I had a fantastic time and I want to do it again next year,” said Bob Gihon who steered ‘Of Coors Knot’ through the parade after changing plans from going to the keys to participating with visiting relatives.

Luis Colman who has a 13′ Boston Whaler and was another first timer said “I love being part of it and am already planning next year’s look. Thanks again for letting me be a part of it.”

Colman was one of close to 40 participants who oohed and aahed spectators during the parade, and everyone who watched and participated remarked on what a fabulous parade it was this year.

“We were thrilled that Dr. Brian Rask of Reel Priority encouraged us to move from spectators to participants in this year’s (parade),” said Christina Clifford of the boat Seven C’s. “My brother and sister-in-law, who are new to the area, were impressed with the community support and my brother joked that his arm got tired from waving at the spectators who lined nearly every inch of the seawall.”

“My 2 1/2 year old son couldn’t stop grinning and waving which tells me that the parade quickly became our new family-friendly holiday tradition,” Clifford continues. “We also felt that the event was well-organized and that the Coast Guard and BSO did a great job of making us feel safe and informed on the water.”

Voting is already underway online, and closes January 1. Stop by the Chamber Facebook page and vote for your favorite today.

Join Riverwalk Fort Lauderdale for Get Lit to Kick Off Light Up Lauderdale


Light Up Lauderdale is a ten-week display of glittering holiday lights and garlands presented by Riverwalk Fort Lauderdale and the City of Fort Lauderdale. Riverwalk Fort Lauderdale’s Get Lit will kick off the holiday season and the ten-week display at Esplanade Park on Thursday, November 13, 2014 at 6:00 p.m.

In its sixth year, the celebration showcases the two and half mile brick Riverwalk pathway on both sides of the New River in Downtown Fort Lauderdale. This family-friendly event will feature a holiday orchestra, sponsored by Winterfest. Additionally, attendees will enjoy tours along the twinkling lights of the Riverwalk, face painting, a craft area, concessions with food and drinks for sale, and more.

Event sponsors and partners include: The City of Fort Lauderdale, Winterfest, and the Fort Lauderdale Historical Society. Media sponsors include Go Riverwalk Magazine, Eye on South Florida, and The Media Lab.

For more information and sponsorship opportunities contact Events Manager, Cristina Hudson at or 954.468.1541 ext. 205