Atlantis, Paradise Island surveyed over 1,000 moms across U.S. for a deeper look at family travel

What’s driving American families to travel? Do parents agree on whether to take kids out of school for a vacation? Family-vacation mecca Atlantis, Paradise Island completed an authoritative survey of 1,100 American moms (who tend to be the family-vacation planners) of teen- and tween-aged children in order to answer these burning questions. Results uncovered new perspectives on family travel topics including: time with children (even teenagers!) trumps other motivators for a vacation; rewards programs play a key role in booking decisions, and whether or not it’s OK to take kids out of school for a vacation.


The survey, administered by Influence Central (formerly Mom Central Consulting) in August 2014, uncovered families’ vacation habits and tendencies. Here is a closer look at the findings:
Biggest influence on summer travel decisions?

96% of moms say spending time with children is the most important reason to get away. This reason overwhelmingly trumped escaping the office, visiting friends & family, and spending time outdoors. Second runner up? Exploring & discovering new places.

Back to school—time for a vacation? Do moms take kids out of school for 2 or more days for a vacation?
44% of moms say: Yes, I take children out of school for more than 2 days for a vacation
35% of moms say: Rarely would I take children out of school for more than 2 days for a vacation
20% of moms say: No, I would not take children out of school for more than 2 days for a vacation

Rewards trump all? Do hotel rewards programs really impact family vacation decisions?
90% of moms say rewards impact family’s travel decisions (55% of moms surveyed belonged to a rewards program)
46% of moms book at least one family vacation per year using rewards points

You travel where you eat, or you eat where you travel? What is the frequency and impact of specific dietary needs while traveling?
1 out of 5 families have an immediate family member with a dietary restriction
55% of moms are more likely to book hotels with menus that address allergies
For these 1,100+ moms, all signs point to Atlantis—from moms wanting to spend more time with kids to the moms looking to explore and discover a new place.
“We are delighted to celebrate Atlantis’ 20th anniversary implementing new and exciting amenities to address these survey results, and to keep Atlantis at the forefront of family-travel in this hemisphere” says George Markantonis, President and Managing Director for Atlantis, Paradise Island. “We recognize that guests want to travel utilizing rewards points and we are pleased to offer this option through our newest marketing partnership with the Autograph Collection beginning in October. In addition, we will be unveiling a new and very unique dining concept soon, to open in 2015, that will address the dietary requirements of our ever-evolving family travelers.”
From the largest open-air marine habitat in the world and a state-of-the-art dolphin and sea lion interaction facility to over 40 restaurants and bars, a variety of accommodations, state-of-the-art kids’ club, and a teen nightclub, there is an experience for every family at Atlantis–even when school is in session! Looking to 2015, Atlantis is excited to introduce an enhanced restaurant experience that will cater to those 1 in 5 families with a special dietary need, with details to be released in late 2014.
Survey Methodology: Influence Central (IC) surveyed more than 1,100 qualified moms who have at least one child at home between the ages of 10 to 19 years. The panel was recruited through a double opt-in process and email invitation and the survey was conducted online, programmed and analyzed by IC. All respondents belong to IC’s Consumer Insights Panel, consisting of 20,000 women spanning relevant demographics, such as household income, education, age, number and age of children.
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