Storytime for Grownups – Author Spotlight: Deborah Hunt, ‘The Visitor from 4-D’

Since Harry Potter entered the world’s psyche more than 20 years ago, the children’s literature genre has seen a study uptick in quantity, as well as quality of material available.

Recently, Waldorf Publishing author Deborah Hunt took her next step into this world with her newest book, The Visitor from 4-D.



How did you get your start in the literary world?  I have been writing for years and about ten years ago I started submitting short stories and books. When I was younger I wrote poetry and short stories. I took some writing courses and read almost every book and article I could about publishing and changed genres from adult to children’s books. Then when I was in my doctoral program I was engaging in academic writing and decided to write nursing books. After I published my first nursing book I started to publish short stories for children and eventually my children’s books. 


Can you tell us a little more about what you do? I’m a nursing professor and Executive Director of a nursing program and a writer of children’s and nursing books.


What is your favorite part about being an author?  I love everything about being an author, however, some of the highlights are when an idea forms in my mind and when the book is finally finished and the best part is sharing it with the readers.  And my absolute favorite part is the author visits where I can share my books and passion for writing and inspire our future writers.


How do you get your inspiration? My inspiration comes from my family and friends and my readers. I believe that a book holds the passageway to the world and I love being able to share my creativity and stories.  I am always inspired by my readers who share how much they have enjoyed my books.


 Of all the characters you’ve created, which one would you like to see come alive on the silver screen? I would love to see Lola and Chewy the puppies from “The One Eyed Pug” come alive on the silver screen and when it comes to a human character I would like to see Billy from this latest book “The Visitor from 4-D”


What is the funniest thing to happen to you in your career? I was having a book signing for two of my books “Same Inside Different Outside” and “The One Eyed Pug”  at the Barnes and Noble in the Union Square location in Manhattan and as I walked towards the store I noticed a big long line and I got so excited thinking the line was for me but it was for a special event that was happening next store to the Barnes and Noble.


Can you tell us a bit about your book? “The Visitor from 4-D” is a middle-grade book about traveling through the dimensions. One day the Keating kids were putting a puzzle together and suddenly the sky grew dark and the house shook as a large thunderstorm occurs.  The storm causes Billy (the visitor) to be transported from the fourth dimension. Initially, everyone is shocked but then the Keating kids decide to do everything in their power to help Billy return to his own dimension. They engage the help of the Whiz Kid and Dr.  Jenkins but he turns out to be nefarious. It seems like Billy will never get back home but Professor Franklin comes from the 4th dimension to help Billy return. He brings his special transporter but for some reason, it isn’t working. The Whiz Kids bring their other professor with them to help Billy but it may be too late because Billy is getting weaker and weaker.


What is your next big project? I have several projects. One is “Hannah and the Hobgoblins” which is a middle-grade book about witches. I also have a picture book entitled “Booch the Pooch”  which is about an Italian hunting dog who is trying to win the dog championship and overcome his stage fright and distractions, and an early reader series “Detective Dani and Doggy Dale”


 Anything else you’d like to add? I would like to thank you for this interview and for giving me an opportunity to share my books and passion for writing.

For more information about this and other books by Waldorf Publishing, visit their Facebook page.


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