Gear for the Perfect Family Vacation

Whether it’s a cross-country road trip or short flight, travel with kids always comes with a few extra…well, complications, to put it mildly. Make travel easier and take steps to avoid a Griswold-level family catastrophe with these handy essentials.

Dockatot is a cozy, multi-functional snuggling dock that you can take anywhere to ensure your baby feels secure. The small, snug space relaxes your child because it is reminiscent of the womb, and the dock is lightweight and portable, so traveling doesn’t disrupt this state of peace. Dockatot lets your baby rest, lounge, play, do tummy time, cuddle, get diaper changes, co-sleep and everything else, all while feeling safe and secure. Price ranges from $185 to $290.

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Clark may have supported putting Aunt Edna on the roof of the car, but you can rise above and keep everyone safe and sound—including the little ones—with BubbleBum. The first inflatable, portable car booster seat, BubbleBum gives your little ones comfort and safety on road trips, car rentals, cab rides, and any other expected or unexpected vacation vehicle. It’s portable, lightweight, and only $29.99.

Bubblebum Junkie takes it a step further: for long car trips, Junkie understands the need for snacks and entertainment. For $39.99, the Junkie comes with activity trays, cup holders, and a portable place to keep snacks cool. As Clark says, when it comes to road trips, “Getting there is half the fun.” Give your kids the opportunity to actually agree.

Bubblebum Sneck makes those car trips even more bearable for the kids with a micro-bead filled travel pillow that gives them neck and back support and attaches to the headrest. It’s only $14.99 and comes with a pocket for their phone or devices.

Below, left to right: BubbleBum, BubbleBum Junkie, Bubblebum Sneck:

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In the interest of security, MyBuckleMate is another must-have for upcoming road trips. No more whining because Jess and Andy just cannot manage to buckle themselves in the back seat, no more: “She’s buckled into my buckle!” With a holder that makes buckles easy-to-reach and that fits into tight spaces, both adults with arthritis and your little ones will be able to master buckling. And you can get on your way. All colors just $14.99.



The Griswolds were famous or infamous rather for their lack of preparedness. Make sure you plan ahead for your family trip. Save your car from being a gooey, caramel-laden mess with Booginhead’s Pack’ems, and Squeez’ems, $7.99. The former are reusable snack pouches you can fill with raisins, Chex mix, grapes, and other healthy treats to quiet your kids when you’ve got another two hours before the next rest stop. The latter are the drink, yogurt, or pureed food equivalent that you can fill up with orange juice, canned peaches, and everything in between, with an attached cap. Both products are BPA, PVC, and phthalate-free.

Or for an insulated snack that will keep, try Booginhead’s Thermal Pots, available in two colors. And if your toddler is spilling all over the place (I’d have trouble believing he or she isn’t), Super Grip Bowl & Lid secures your little one’s bowl so he or she cannot spill, throw, or otherwise muck up his or her meal. These mess-savers are $7.99.

Below, left to right: Thermal Pots, Super Grip Bowl

imgres-2imgres-1url 20000438_super-grip-bowl-lid-blue

At the risk of sounding melodramatic, there is nothing worse than dropping the sole pacifier or sippy cup at the airport when the trip has just begun. (Except, perhaps, driving all the way to Wally World to find out it’s closed.) Pacipouch, an $8 washable holder, can save you from a Clark-level meltdown, and Pacigrip, a pacifier leash that will keep little one from losing their pacifier even when dropped, can also stop you from reaching for the Tylenol, for $5.50. Sippigrip offers the same service for sippy cups, attaching to strollers, car seats, and high chairs for $7.50.

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Don’t leave home without it!  Use Splatmat anywhere you want a safe, clean place for your baby to play or need a tablecloth at a rest stop.



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