Epic Single Track Mountain Bike Tours Led by Women for Women

The company that is changing how vacationing mountain bikers experience the best trails in the Western US thinks it’s high time for women to have their own dedicated weekend mountain bike adventures.

Chasing Epic (http://chasingepicmtb.com/), which is raising the bar and setting new standards in the world of mountain biking vacations, invites intermediate and experienced female riders to share the fun on three dedicated, all-inclusive, all-women weekends: April 23-25 and Oct. 21-23 in Fruita-Grand Junction, CO, and Aug. 12-15 in Crested Butte, CO. Female participants just need to be reasonably experienced and pack a helmet, shoes and appetite for epic single track adventure. See: http://chasingepicmtb.com/women-only/

“Chasing Epic is excited to offer multiple Women-Only trips throughout the year that are led by women, for women. We work with an elite roster of accomplished, fun-loving and inspiring female guides to bring you a long weekend of instruction and classic mountain biking,” said Steve Mokan, the company’s founder and owner. He is a long-time Colorado mountain biker and a veteran of the adventure sports world. “We’ll be riding some of the most incredible trails, both known and off the radar in these two iconic destinations.”

On these trips Chasing Epic has partnered with Colorado Backcountry out of Crested Butte, CO. The company is owned and operated by Janae Pritchett, who is a Santa Cruz/Juliana-sponsored athlete and a five-time US Telemark Extreme Skiing Champion. She has won numerous triathlons and mountain bike races across the United States. Other trip leaders are all accomplished female mountain bikers with additional accolades and accomplishments under their belts.  These include cross country and downhill mountain bike racers, the former Rocky Mountain ambassador for SheJumps.org, the second woman to climb/ski all 14,000-foot peaks in Colorado and the co-author of multiple backcountry skiing guide books.

“Our Women-Only trips include custom itineraries geared towards making each ride special and spectacular,” Mokan added. Included in the per person rates ($950 for the three-day Fruita programs and $1,250 for the four-day Crested Butte program) are inn and hotel lodging (never camping), hearty meals, high-end demo bikes (an all-carbon demo bike fleet includes Ibis Mojo HD3s, Ibis Ripley LS 29ers, and Niner Jet 9 29ers), local guides conversant with the terrain, customized eight-week pre-trip training programs, best-in-class ride nutrition, shuttles and lift tickets, gratuities and a dedicated on-site trip leader to help control gear mashers and share the stories and laughs with a group of like-minded riders.

The sleepy town of Fruita caters well to mountain bikers, with not much going on after hours except time to tell riding stories, clean bikes and get ready for tomorrow’s ride. It’s not unusual to see more bikes than cars on Aspen Avenue, and some of the in-town haunts (Over the Edge, Hot Tomato) are world famous. In the spring and fall, Fruita is a must-visit destination for those seeking adventure.

Crested Butte is truly a mecca of mountain biking, and according to some it’s where it all began. Dating back to the 1980’s, the town of Crested Butte has been at the forefront of the sport, and today it’s at the top of every rider’s “to-do” list.

“With hundreds of miles of trails, almost all accessible from town, there’s enough here to keep even the most avid mountain biker busy for weeks. Some of the more famous trails are the 401 Trail, Doctor Park, The Dyke and Strand Hill,” said Mokan.

Unlike traditional point-A-to-point-B mountain bike tour companies, Chasing Epic stays in a single town in each destination and dedicates itineraries to daily rides that cover a variety of the most epic single track trails in each area.

Mokan said that Chasing Epic provides a better overall experience for people who love to ride “by anticipating guest needs and partnering with the biggest names in the bike industry to put together the most all-inclusive and rewarding mountain bike vacations in today’s marketplace.  With our trips, we take care of absolutely everything. All you have to do is show up and ride!”

On the premise that “the less you suffer on the climbs, the more you’ll enjoy the descents,” Mokan has engaged coaching platform companies Training Peaks and Through the Wall Training to customize individualized training programs (valued at up to $400) for eight weeks prior to departure.

He emphasizes that these trips aren’t for touring and sightseeing. “At Chasing Epic, we pride ourselves on putting together itineraries of only the best trail systems in each location, and we don’t waste time with sightseeing rides. You’ll be on uncrowded singletrack from start to finish.”

Chasing Epic is dedicated to helping build and grow the mountain bike community through a Local Support Program that financially gives back to the organizations that have guided and advanced mountain biking to the popular sport it is today. Chasing Epic works with IMBA (International Mountain Bike Association) on the national level as well as through local clubs and organizations to support trail advocacy, expansion and education in the local communities. By partnering with these organizations, Chasing Epic is supporting the clubs themselves and also recognizing the members who put in long, thankless hours volunteering for their communities.

For reservations and information please visit http://chasingepicmtb.com/ or email steve@chasingepicmtb.com or telephone 303.949.3933.


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