Old McMicky’s Farm’s ‘1000 Kids Program’ Hosted 1036 Tampa Bay ​ A​rea ​K​ids ​F​acing C​hallenges in 2015

Old McMicky’s Farm is commonly known as a beautiful, functional, family friendly farm located in Odessa that hosts tours, birthday parties, events and weddings. But in recent years it has grown its reputation as a major charitable community partner. With the addition of programs like “Mission I Do’, the free military dream wedding giveaway, Child Adoption Education Day and match events, and the ‘1000 Kids Program’, the farm is working hard to make an impact on local kids and military.

The Farm’s “1000 Kids” Program’s goal is to host 1,000 kids a year in the Tampa Bay area who are facing serious challenges for an awesome, educational and fun day at the Farm, at No Charge.  The Farm was honored to host 1276 kids in 2014 under the “1000 Kids” program in its introductory year. 2015 marked another great year for the farm’s “1000 Kids” Program, hosting 1036 kids.

“Old McMicky’s Farm is dedicated to serving kids and families in our community. It’s our special privilege, our duty,  to be able to use the farm to create a great day of fun and memories for local children facing challenges. Contributing to other people’s lives is one of the main missions of the farm.” said Ralph Zuckerman, owner of Old McMicky’s Farm.

Just some of the organizations and kids served by the Old McMicky’s Farm “1000 Kids” Program:
Hillsborough, Pinellas and Pasco County – Big Brothers Big Sisters, Foster and Adoptive Parent Assoc’s., Eckerd Community Alternatives, Lighthouse of Pinellas, Hillsborough Child Care, HOPE Camp, Pepin Academies, UPARC, The Children’s Home, Florida Autism Center of Excellence, Homeless Emergency Project Learning Center, Children’ Cancer Center, The Greater Florida Chapter of Families of SMA, The Spinabifida Support Group with Shrinner’s Hospital, Joshua House, March of Dimes, McMullen Booth Autistic Program, Jackson in Action 83 Foundation, Metropolitan Ministries, Family Center on Deafness, and many more.

More information about the farms community giving programs can be found at
http://www.oldmcmickys.com/community-giving/. To learn more about Old McMicky’s Farm please visit http://www.OldMcMickys.com or call 813-920-1948. Follow us on FB at: www.facebook.com/OldMcMickysFarm.


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