Chamber of Horrors Benefits Local Art Community in an Uncommon Way

Beyond the scares, Chamber of Horrors NY makes a point to be different than the typical haunted house this holiday season. After recently being voted Long Island’s Scariest Haunted House by News 12 Long Island, the chamber is directing their focus on the community and people within it.

Chamber_of_Horrors_09-1 - Copy
Chamber of Horrors NY has created a one-night event to showcase local New York artists, Nightmare Gallery. On October 22nd, from 9 p.m. – 12 a.m., approximately 50 artists will showcase their work within the walls of two attractions during the chamber’s Trilogy of Fear show. The concept behind Nightmare Gallery is to be unique and interactive. While guests are observing local art, they will be interacting with not only the paintings, but spooky-actors creating tingly scares.
Nightmare Gallery will benefit Jay Chicarelli, a participating artist, whose wife recently past away. Proceeds from the $15 entry-fee will be donated to the Chicarelli family in hopes to support them through the holiday season. A donation page for the family has been created: Forherfamily.
“It’s sad and unfortunate. We’re going to do everything we can to help his family,” stated Matt Guiliano, Co-Owner of Chamber of Horrors NY. “Anyone who works with and for Chamber of Horrors NY, we consider to be part of our family. We’ll do what can for Jay and his.”
Nightmare Gallery is being curated by local artists, David Graham and Heather Tinneny. The show concentrates on helping out the local art community in an uncommon way.
“This is what makes Chamber of Horrors NY great; they allow for new features and events to happen and they firmly believe in giving back to people,” explained Graham.
Nightmare Gallery promises to promote local artists, give back to a family in need, scare and even entertain you, making this show too scary to miss.

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