Chamber of Horrors NY Takes Fear to a New Extreme With “Kill the Light” and “Trilogy of Fear”


This fall Chamber of Horrors NY is leaving nothing to the imagination by creating extreme haunts for hardcore fans to enjoy. While traditional haunted houses will always be a place to get harmless thrills, extreme events are quickly maturing with today’s society.

Actors jumping out of dark corners just don’t satisfy anymore. Every Sunday, Chamber of Horrors NY puts on Kill the Light, in which guests are sent through Miss Fortune’s Maniac Manor, a Toxic City and a Witch Asylum with only a single glow stick for survival. Kill the Light is designed to leave guests on the edge of their toes, evoking childhood memories of being scared of the dark, while creeping through three times the terror. Kill the Light offers a Basic Burial, which is a standard admission ticket, for $25. For the fear enthusiasts, a R.I.P Pass is offered for $35, allowing the ticket holder to move directly to the front of the line.
Due to its popularity, Kill the Light will also be offered this upcoming Columbus Day on Monday, October 14.  Customer reviews for Kill the Light can be found here:
On November 1, The Trilogy of Fear Final Night will be offered to extreme haunt enthusiasts. It  is a full contact, no rules extravaganza of chaos.  This extreme night caters to the demand of fans looking to be frightened to their core, with the aim to terrorize. Actors are hands-on and guests must interact with them during the experience, remaining and interacting in haunts instead of just passing through. The Final Night requires guests to fill out a waiver and be at least 18 years old, with proof of age. A Basic Burial, the standard admission ticket, is offered for $25. A R.I.P Pass is offered for $35, allowing the ticket holder to move directly to the front of the line.
These haunts are not your standard corporate sponsored haunts, but instead leave you begging for survival while having a spooky-fun time.


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