Long Island’s Terrifying Haunted Attraction Now Open!


As the summer comes to a close, Chamber of Horrors NY is putting the final terrifying touches on the Trilogy of Fear, three scare attractions that are now open.

Miss Fortune, the Diva of Despair with a cult-like following thanks to her strong social media presence and YouTube shows, returns again this year to welcome you to her Maniac Manor. Guests will also be led through the Toxic City, where they must dodge mutants and mayhem, as well as a trip to the Witch Asylum, where guests encounter a little girl with a grotesque secret. For the Sunday night attraction, known as Kill the Light, every light source in the building is turned off and you experience the attraction with nothing but a glow stick to light the way. The darkness intensifies the fear and makes every second feel like minutes. The Trilogy of Fear is suggested for those 12 years or older.
A new feature to the 2015 Season includes the Nightmare Gallery, an interactive horror art exhibition that is one part haunted house and one part art gallery, created in conjunction with the Long Island Art Collective. The Nightmare Gallery is open for one night only on Oct. 22nd.
For little ones looking to get smaller scares, the Chamber of Horrors NY is featuring two family days on Oct. 18th and 25th from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. A few ghouls will guide the little ones through the haunted attractions that will have lights on with no sound, along with trick or treating and character photos.
Chamber of Horrors NY is also well known for its post-Halloween haunts, including New York’s first and only A Very Scary Xmas haunt. This controversial haunted attraction is back again with Claus-Trophobia debuting in December. Last year, Chamber of Horrors NY’s commercial for A Very Scary Xmas was so disturbing that the cable company refused to air the spot, even on late night TV.
Chamber of Horrors NY covers 10,000 square feet and is run by 16-year industry veterans. “We’re going deeper into our haunted imagination and unveiling three new experiences this year that will leave guests truly terrified,” says owner Marty Arominski, who promises that Miss Fortune and a demented cast of characters are more messed-up than ever for the 2015 lineup of haunts.
Tickets start at $25 and Chamber of Horrors NY is open every weekend in October starting Sept. 25th through Oct. 31st, 2015. Check online at Chamber of Horrors NY for the most accurate information about hours of operation, directions and special discounts. Open rain or shine.
September 25th              7PM – 11PM
September 26th              7PM – 11PM
September 27th              7PM – 10PM
October 2rd                    7PM – 11PM
October 3th                    7PM – 11PM
October 4th                   7PM – 10PM
October 9th                   7PM – 11PM
October 10th                 7PM – 11PM
October 11th                 7PM – 10PM
October 12th                7PM – 10PM
October 16th                 7PM – 11PM
October 17th                 7PM – 11PM
October 18th                 7PM – 10PM
October 22nd                9PM – 12AM
October 23rd                7PM – 11PM
October 24th                7PM – 11PM
October 25th                7PM – 10PM
October 28th                7PM – 11PM
October 29th                7PM – 11PM
October 30th                7PM – 11PM
Halloween                  7PM 11PM

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