Long Island’s Chamber of Horrors is an Economic Asset for Local Communities

Engaging talent, businesses and resources in cities across the nation, seasonal haunted attractions are proving to be valuable assets for the business community in the month of October.

Chamber_of_Horrors_09-1 - Copy
That’s especially true for Chamber of Horrors, presented by NY Auto Giant, and the Long Island area, where haunt owner Marty Arominski recruits a temporary staff of more than 50 to help carry out one of the premier haunted attractions in the region.
“We’re hiring specialty talent—actors, make-up artists, set designers. These folks are great at what they do, and providing the opportunity to demonstrate their high-quality skills is a step in helping them get exposure and build resumes,” says Arominski.
Each year, the Chamber of Horrors holds an open casting call and seeks to recruit the best in their area for jobs that are otherwise difficult to come by.
In addition, haunts have also begun to capitalize on their high volume of attendees in a short window by partnering with local businesses in cross-promotion.
“Our haunt has consistently brought in more folks each and every year, breaking the 10,000 mark last season. We buy media, we partner with businesses and we have really unique marketing assets,” adds Arominski. “It’s a privilege to utilize those assets to make a longer term impact in the community that supports us. We make sure businesses have the chance to economically engage with our attendees for high value marketing and advertising.”
Last year, Chamber of Horrors began making concerted efforts to engage with local businesses and brands by offering sponsorships. For the 2015 season, they’ve demonstrated the power of partnerships for seasonal attractions by engaging New York Auto Giant, the region’s largest automotive dealer, as well as brands like PepsiCo’s Dew Kickstart.
Citing the value of thousands of millennial attendees with expendable income, the seasonal attraction is a cash infusion into the tourism-driven area.
“The crowds are late night, looking for food and drinks before and after the attraction. It creates an opportunity to have a good time, and that’s exactly what benefits restaurants, hotels and other local businesses that thrive on recreation,” said Arominski.
Tickets start at $25 and Chamber of Horrors NY is open every weekend in October starting Sept. 25th through Oct. 31st, 2015. Check online at Chamber of Horrors NY for the most accurate information about hours of operation, directions and special discounts. Open rain or shine.
September 25th              7PM – 11PM
September 26th              7PM – 11PM
September 27th              7PM – 10PM
October 2rd                    7PM – 11PM
October 3th                    7PM – 11PM
October 4th                   7PM – 10PM
October 9th                   7PM – 11PM
October 10th                 7PM – 11PM
October 11th                 7PM – 10PM
October 12th                7PM – 10PM
October 16th                 7PM – 11PM
October 17th                 7PM – 11PM
October 18th                 7PM – 10PM
October 22nd                9PM – 12AM
October 23rd                7PM – 11PM
October 24th                7PM – 11PM
October 25th                7PM – 10PM
October 28th                7PM – 11PM
October 29th                7PM – 11PM
October 30th                7PM – 11PM
Halloween                  7PM 11PM

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