Customizable Cookie Cutters Sweeten Up Your Summer Celebrations

Summer will soon make its arrival, which means now is an excellent time to prepare for all of the season’s upcoming celebrations. From summer baby showers to birthdays, to grad parties and Father’s Day, there’s no doubt that summer is always filled with countless special occasions. For your upcoming summer soirees, get the party started and add the perfect dash of sugary excitement with festive cookies, customized to your event’s theme including names/dates, courtesy of Cookie Cutter Kingdom. From diploma cookies for grad parties to sand castle cookies for beach parties, Cookie Cutter Kingdom will help sweeten up all your upcoming summer events.

Cookie Cutter Kingdom uses 3D printing technology to offer you thousands of cookie designs in various sizes.  Ordering couldn’t be any easier:  Pick a shape, enter personalized text, and you’ll be able to see and interact with your cookie design right there in your web browser!  Prices range from $4-$17, depending on size and customization.

Graduation Parties

Let your graduate know how proud you are with special cookies shaped like graduation gowns, caps, and diplomas, personalized with name and graduation date!

Pictured below, left to right: Graduation Cap Cutter,  Graduation Gown Cutter, and Graduation Diploma Cutter.

DSC_0301 il_fullxfull.723255786_estz_523b08af-7790-4277-bac5-62b0e9d275db_grande il_570xN.767830545_dvoy_417f9bdd-cde1-4afc-9b4e-ca74c70bd4f1_grande

Father’s Day

Show dad how much you care with ribbon or trophy-shaped cookies jazzed up with #1 DAD or your own special message. Your proud papa would also love cookies that celebrate his love for beer, DIY home projects, or his fave sport!

Pictured below, left to right and top to bottom: Football Helmet Cutter Ribbon CutterTrophy Fancy Cutter, 3 Piece Tools Cutter Set6 Piece Chess CutterPick Up Truck Cookie CutterBeer Bottle CutterBeer Mug Cutter, and 7 Piece Sports Ball Cutter and Stamp Set.

il_fullxfull.722422070_2a60_b2fec553-f3b7-47bb-af4b-8a21a0fd54e3_grande il_fullxfull.723393101_ao11_820072f2-8b15-49a7-827b-d25b547161cb_grande il_fullxfull.723260516_qgzv_f7fd2511-5836-418b-a11d-8594d617d26a_grande
il_fullxfull.740139051_dd4j_16e51958-91b4-40a5-a9f4-e3768269bbaa_grande il_fullxfull.740249862_sujw_9185f359-eb39-42a2-af96-1f5c9681c4d8_grande il_fullxfull.722404457_rzgo_4e9f8fa0-50a9-4a5b-aa48-a818abdd7457_grande 2
il_fullxfull.740546206_60c5_c468d2a8-eb93-4f7f-84ef-c6be9d26e740_grande il_fullxfull.722453202_7gpe_d91f760b-4665-4939-8203-f4ba511fc6ad_grande il_fullxfull.740553720_qgnp_grande

Summer Gardening Get-Together

Part of a summer gardening club? At the next meeting, surprise all of the members with cute cookies in the shapes of flowers, plant pots, gardening tools, and more.

Pictured below, left to right and top to bottom:  Bucket Cutter, Flower Pot Cutter, Garden Rake Cutter, Garden Spade Cutter, Plant Pot Cutter, Watering Can Cutter, Butterfly Cutter, 5 Petal Flower Cutter, and Basket Cutter by Tunde.

il_fullxfull.756728788_3tva_grande il_fullxfull.756725226_n91z_grande il_fullxfull.756844855_jtw2_grande
il_fullxfull.756726438_rbeh_grande il_fullxfull.756723110_4z98_grande il_fullxfull.756728104_cgrk_grande

Beach Bonanzas

Get the party started and celebrate summer fun in the sun with cookies shaped like sea shells, bathing suits, sand castles, and more.

Pictured below, left to right and top to bottom: 2 Piece Sand Castle Cutter Set, Bikini One Piece Cutter, Palm Tree Cutter, Sunglasses Beach Cutter, Wave Cutter, 3 Piece Beach Time Cutter Set, Whimsical Whale Cutter, 2 Piece Beach Surf Cutter Set, and Dolphin Cutter.

il_fullxfull.761587631_pm0y_grande il_fullxfull.723390201_l0mg_9fa13e5a-70e5-4362-9f0e-abb00f1760ae_grande il_fullxfull.723366903_svw9_8fe2f9e8-c717-43ac-9924-5b47ce22e368_grande
il_fullxfull.723373159_lk2k_eec8436e-2aa4-4627-b581-dda3172e74b7_grande il_fullxfull.740269046_fr73_a5fecf2d-6ef5-4638-a56b-5899ece3418b_grande il_fullxfull.761592855_l065_grande
il_fullxfull.722491056_gtp2_ed13d9d4-416d-4b2c-8c1d-f6905d0eb959_grande il_fullxfull.761595799_7lp6_grande Screen Shot 2015-05-11 at 4.15.57 PM copy

Summer Birthdays

If you’re putting on a summer birthday soiree, celebrate with cookies in the shape of number candles, party hats, and more!  Be sure to add the birthday gal or guy’s name and age to make it extra special!

Pictured below, left to right: Birthday Party Hat Cutter Full Set, Birthday Candle Numbers Cutters, Gift Box Cutter.

il_fullxfull.728701800_8ems_52428d05-f76b-4889-84f1-6a7ee1228c46_grande il_fullxfull.723428889_k1tl_bcd4ba77-50b4-4b27-9997-cc7e10c18f78_grande il_fullxfull.722341903_719p_c9b44984-fe27-4493-9450-1e026819cf52_grande 2

For Summertime Weddings & Bridal Showers

Planning a wedding or bridal shower? Make the celebration extra sweet with festive wedding-themed cookies!  The Bride and Groom will love seeing their names, initials and wedding date on their delicious treats.

Pictured below, left to right: Wedding Cake (Heart) Cutter, Wedding Dress Cutter, Bride and Groom Wedding Cutter, Wedding Bells Cutter, Dove Cutter, Heart Cutter.

il_fullxfull.702339593_d93n_3c451aa8-1ea4-4fb8-b391-9ebd89ed1873_grande DSC_0290 il_fullxfull.722434712_ka38_d227d0e0-c847-4fde-a10a-a3661c24308d_grande
DSC_0296 il_fullxfull.728809771_n632_0500b879-ba2e-4587-9383-bf782040efd2_grande DSC_0297

For Summer Baby Showers

If you’re planning a baby shower, make the celebration extra memorable with festive baby-themed cookies!  Add baby’s name (if available) and/or the due date!

Pictured below, left to right: Cradle Cookie Cutter Set, Elephant Baby Cutter, and Peas In A Pod Cutter.

il_fullxfull.760433692_24y7_d32d9f4b-7783-470f-93cb-5f630788c9b3_grandeil_fullxfull.722619071_77gp_0eb6c713-050d-4f00-8e7c-9460fb44dbfa_grande il_fullxfull.722454798_opc4_b8291cdb-5635-4a12-8735-c6885ee8a064_grande

Cookie Cutter Kingdom cookie cutters are an excellent addition to any collection! Perfect for hobbyists or professional bakers, the cutters’ plastic is safe, durable and reinforced to support use over many years. Each cutter features a .6mm edge that produces the finest cuts into cookie dough, fondant, and gumpaste. The colors may vary, but the quality is always the same. Hand wash ONLY and ensure that you don’t heat the plastic.

To see the entire line of Cookie Cutter Kingdom cutters, please visit You can also follow them on Facebook, Etsy, and Instagram.


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