Author shares goal setting process that helped him to make it to Centre Court at Wimbledon


From Centre Court at Wimbledon to head tennis coach at BYU, Brad Pearce has won plenty of matches. His most important victories, however, have come as he’s watched his children become successful. Now he shares his wisdom in lessons that apply on and off the court. Perfect for parents who want to up their game and help their children reach their true potential!

Brad Pearce shows how the same goal-setting process that helped him launch a pro tennis career and ultimately to play in the final four on Centre Court at Wimbledon can work in the life of any determined athlete, scholar, artist, or musician. Pearce teaches parents how to use “The Principle of Alignment” to help their children succeed at choosing their own worthwhile goals. Once a child or teen has chosen a goal that is important to him or her, Pearce teaches parents how to support and encourage without coercion. As teens work toward the achievements they have chosen to focus on, parents become alignment support specialists who help a child stay on track. When behavior isn’t in line with the hoped-for outcome, parents help the child or teen see that he or she has two choices: change the goal or change the behavior.

This simple, down-to-earth approach takes the battle out of parenting and helps parents and children work as a team toward success in school, in extracurricular activities, and in everything else that is important in life.

“‘Life Lessons from Centre Court at Wimbledon’ is a must-read for parents and children alike!” –Sean Covey, international bestselling author of ‘The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens’
“[It] incorporates the lessons learned from playing on the biggest stage in tennis into concepts that will help parents teach their children. . . . I highly recommend it to both young and old!” –LaVell Edwards, BYU head football coach 1972-2000
“This book gave me great ideas that will help me be a better father today.” –Chad Lewis, former BYU academic all-American and three-time pro bowl tight end with the Philadelphia Eagles
“This valuable book provides an inspiring road map to assist individuals and families, parents and children, with helps and ideas along the journey of family life.” –Lloyd D. Newell, the voice of the oldest continuous nationwide network radio broadcast in America, Music and the Spoken Word
About the Author:

Brad Pearce serves currently as head coach of the men’s tennis team at Brigham Young University. His pro career spanned 10 years, with the highlight being a match against Ivan Lendl at Centre Court, Wimbledon. He runs annual summer tennis camps where he has taught thousands of youth the secret to achieving their most important goals in life, both on and off the court. 
His book is available in bookstores and online. Proceeds from the book will be contributed to the Utah Tennis Foundation to help aspiring junior tennis players become the best they can be.

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