Get ready for summer with world-class dutch oven cookbooks

Dutch oven cooking is as quintessential to the summer months as camping and fireworks. Although you can find use all year long from a good, sturdy seasoned dutch oven, there is something special about the utility of cast iron ovens in the lazy dog days of summer. A tasty recipe can create the finishing flourishes to a back yard party or weekend at the lake.

Its in this vein Cedar Fort proudly offers up two dynamic dutch oven cook books that will cover all your recipe needs from desserts to the dinner plate. Intuitive, easy to follow instructions are the name of the game for dutch oven users, and none know it better than the award winning chefs Bruce Tracy and Doug Martin. Their delectable, easy recipes are assessable enough for novices and savory enough for vets. For more check out their books and bios below.
Bruce Tracy’s “Backyard Dutch Oven Cooking”
Make your favorite Dutch oven foods in your own backyard! Whether you’re making a hearty, no-fuss breakfast in the woods or a fancy Sunday dinner to serve at your dining table, there’s nothing better than Dutch oven cooking. With over 100 recipes encompassing all skill levels and lots of expert advice, you’ll be a black pot master in no time. And remember, it’s all about family and food!
Bruce Tracy has been competing in Dutch oven cook-offs since 1993. He’s made a name for himself as one of the best, evidenced by the dozens of competitions he’s won, including the 2004 IDOS World Championship.
He’s long been recognized as a Dutch oven breadmaster and enjoys teaching Dutch oven classes, especially when he can share his passion with newcomers. His first book, Dutch Oven Baking, is available online and in bookstores.
Bruce lives with his wife, Vickie, in Ogden, Utah.
Doug Martin’s “Sweet Cast Iron Creations: Dutch Oven Desserts” 
Master the art of Dutch oven sweets! Award-winning chef Doug Martin uses easy-to-follow instructions and irresistible recipes to take you beyond basic cobblers and into the realm of gourmet delicacies like his famous Chocolate Ganache Cake and the award-winning Tropical Dream Cake! With all the delicious Dutch oven flavor you love, these sweet treats will have your friends and family scraping the black pot clean.

Doug Martin grew up in Wichita, Kansas, as the oldest of five children. His family moved to Asheville, North Carolina, when he was a junior in high school. He left for college on a soccer scholarship after graduating from high school and eventually joined the Army. He was stationed at Ft. Belvoir, Virginia, where he met and mar- ried his wife of fifteen years, Racheall. They have one beautiful daughter, Isabella, who is eleven. They moved to Utah, where Racheall was from, in 2003. A few years after moving to Utah, Doug gained his desire to learn how to cook. He began with the art of barbecue. Determined to do it right, he solicited the help of a local barbecue restaurant owner who became his mentor. His first barbecue competition saw him take Grand Champion. This only inspired him to learn more and perfect his skills. He eventually took a cake-decorating class, where he learned techniques for making his already-delicious cakes look beautiful. He met his current Dutch oven team- mate, Matt Pelton, in the barbecue arena. It was there that these two formed a partnership that would make them the only Dutch oven team to win the International Dutch Oven Society World Championship two years in a row (in 2012 and 2013). This is Doug’s first book. Doug travels around the West competing and teaching Dutch oven classes. He also collects, restores, and sells old cast iron he finds while antiquing. 


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