MOSI joins the Orlando Science Center for STEM Day at the Capitol

STEM day at the Capital, Photo by Roberto Gonzalez

MOSI joins the Orlando Science Center along with almost 20 other Florida-based science centers, museums, corporations and educators in a sprawling STEM Day exhibition at the Capitol on Tuesday, April 21.

This collaborative event marks the second consecutive year for STEM Day, which the Science Center created to engage with and help legislators better understand the growing impacts of STEM education in terms of workforce and economic growth throughout the state. This event showcases how partnerships between business and science-oriented museums are filling the STEM pipeline and expanding STEM education.

State legislators will experience how museums and science centers bring STEM to life through engaging hands-on experiences while discussing the importance of STEM education as it relates to growing Florida’s technological workforce.

MOSI will participate by demonstrating innovative STEM activities. These activities include allowing guests to experience maneuvering a remote control robot through a pipe maze, building a Rube Goldberg Contraption, launching paper rockets using air pressure and MOSI’s S.T.E.A.M.punk playing a 3D printed violin.

STEM has evolved to become a critically important topic in education and industry. Research shows that 60 percent of future jobs will require STEM skills that only 20 percent of the workforce currently possesses. In fact, there are a record 292,000 unique job openings across the state, and more than half require STEM education, according to the Florida Department of Economic Opportunity.

The U.S. needs the best and brightest to advance technologies and solve large-scale problems. The dynamic synergy between museums and science centers, education, and industry can enhance STEM learning in schools by demonstrating the real-world applications and opportunities available to youth.

STEM Day highlights this need and initiates the conversation of where STEM education in the state of Florida and the country must go.

For more information about STEM Day call 407-514-2000407-514-2000 or visit For more information about MOSI call 813-987-6080813-987-6080 or visit


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