Connecticut Resort Launches Working Farm & Restaurant

Crusaders for food as authentically fresh as it is refined will experience just that at the newly rebranded Winvian Farm, which is emerging as the East Coast’s preeminent farm-resort, when it comes to exceptional, organic, non-GMO cuisine.

Winvian Farm is once again home to a working farm (the original farm dates to the 1700s) thanks to the efforts of Executive Chef Chris Eddy and proprietor, Margaret Smith, whose passion for healthy eating and earth-to-table menus inspired the re-creation of the farm. Chef describes his culinary style as “food with a conscience,” which is evident in every bite. 

Winvian Farm houses three acres of vegetable and fruit gardens, four greenhouses, an apiary, and livestock including sheep, pigs and chickens. Seven months of the year 70 percent of the produce served in the restaurant comes directly from the farm. In other months, Chef Eddy utilizes mostly organic items locally sourced. His mission is to elevate farming to a regenerative conscious process over a cash-conscious process. This declaration of value makes Winvian Farm a forerunner in the organic culinary revolution within the hospitality industry.

Winvian Farm employs regenerative and biodynamic practices including an on site irrigation system drawing water from Charles Pond on the grounds to ensure that no unnecessary waste of water is produced in the growing process.

Additionally, only water filtered on property is served to guests as a movement to cut down on the usage of bottled water. This sustainable, eco-friendly practice came to fruition after the restaurant management discovered that guests consume 12,000 to 15,000 bottles of still and sparkling water at the resort each year.

Not only is Winvian Farm a place where guests can experience hearty, genuine dishes harvested through values-driven practices, it is also a destination for those invested in their cuisine and who have a penchant for eco-friendly cooking. Chef Eddy calls for guests to become involved in his gardens, suggesting they help pick produce for their next meal. The farm is a hotspot of “agriturismo,” otherwise known as agricultural tourism. This Italian term, which combines the words Agriculture and Tourism, describes a vacation where one can enjoy lodging on a working farm, experience its fresh cuisine, and potentially have the opportunity to partake in assisting the farmers. At Winvian Farm, through this immersive cultivation and cooking experience, Chef Eddy hopes to revive and share a respect for the holistic process of eating well from the land.

Winvian Farm’s passion for sustainably nurtured produce extends beyond food to include wine as well. The restaurant sommelier has curated an extensive list that includes three pages of biodynamic wines.

Winvian Farm features 18 individually designed cottages ranging from Treehouse and Beaver Lodge to Maritime and Connecticut Yankee, and the one-bedroom Hadley Suite located in the property’s historic 1700s farmhouse.  Guest amenities include a 5,000 square foot spa, an events barn ideal for weddings and special events, a professional kitchen for private cooking classes, and a new luxe swimming pool overlooking the gardens and farm. Winvian Farm is located two hours from New York City, two and half hours from Boston and one hour from Hartford’s Bradley International Airport. Nightly rates are from $459-$1,375 depending on the day of the guest’s visit and tier of cottage booked. For additional information, dining reservations, or to book a stay at Winvian Farm, please visit or call 860-567-9600860-567-9600.


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