ARCC Alumni Help Build Teen Service & Adventure Program in India

For over three decades ARCC Programs (Adventures Cross-Country have stirred young people from their comfort zones to view the world through the lens of volunteer projects, language immersion and adventure worldwide.

This summer Scott von Eschen, President of ARCC, invites alumni of its summer programs for teens to assist a research and development experience in India.

“ARCC Program alumni will help evaluate all aspects of this new destination and program opportunity,” said von Eschen. “They will work in the slums of Delhi, at orphanages in rural India and on school construction projects in the regions of the Himalayas that haven’t seen Westerners.”  In addition to students earning 40 hours of community service, participants will explore yoga, take in some local trekking and whitewater raft down the Ganges River in Rishikesh. There will also be cultural and historic explorations of Delhi and the Taj Mahal.

“This is the first time in our history of  ARCC Programs we have involved our alumni in the curriculum development and planning process,” he said.  “They will all be doing a run-through this summer (2015) of the curriculum and itinerary we expect to introduce in 2016.”

For more details please see:

ARCC service projects span the globe, from constructing water filters in Cambodia to rhino tracking and conservation in Uganda to serving the impoverished in San Francisco.

ARCC’s 2015 catalog details community service program options in 17 countries on six continents for youth seeking a summer service and learning experience, all while exploring cultures and communities well off the beaten tourist path. The full 2015 Season Program calendar featuring both teen service and Gap Year programs can be viewed online at To request a copy of the current catalog click here. Or to speak to a representative, call (415) 332-5075(415) 332-5075 or visit online:


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