Tampa Theatre to Showcase OSCAR-Nominated Animated and Live Action Short Films starting Friday, Feb. 13


Celebrating its 10th anniversary of bringing the wildly popular OSCAR® Nominated Short Films program to theaters across the globe, ShortsHD™ is once again giving viewers an opportunity to see the nominated films prior to the 87th Annual Academy Awards ceremony on Sunday, February 22nd.

Tampa Theatre will present alternating screenings of the Animated and Live Action programs Friday, Feb. 13, and Sunday-Thursday, Feb. 15-19:

·         Friday, Feb. 13             7:30 p.m.          ANIMATED Short Films program

·         Sunday, Feb. 15           6 p.m.              LIVE ACTION Short Films program

·         Monday, Feb. 16         5:15 p.m.          ANIMATED Short Films program

7:30 p.m.          LIVE ACTION Short Films program

·         Tuesday, Feb. 17          7:30 p.m.          ANIMATED Short Films program

·         Wednesday, Feb. 18    7:30 p.m.          LIVE ACTION Short Films program

·         Thursday, Feb. 19         7:30 p.m.          ANIMATED Short Films program

ANIMATED Short Films program

•        Me and My Moulton: One summer in mid-’60s Norway, a seven-year-old girl asks her parents if she and her sisters can have a bicycle. ME AND MY MOULTON provides a glimpse into its young protagonist’s thoughts as she struggles with the sense that her family is a little out of sync with what she perceives as “normal.” 14m/Canada

•        Feast: A new short from first-time director Patrick Osborne (Head of Animation, “PAPERMAN”) and Walt Disney Animation Studios, FEAST is the story of one man’s love life as seen through the eyes of his best friend and dog, Winston, revealed bite by bite through the meals they share. 6m/USA

•        The Bigger Picture: “You want to put her in a home, you tell her, Tell her now!” hisses one brother to the other. But Mother won’t go, and their own lives unravel as she clings on. Innovative, life-sized animated characters tell the stark and darkly humorous tale of caring for an elderly parent. 7 minutes/UK

•        A Single Life: When playing a mysterious vinyl single, Pia is suddenly able to travel through her life. 2m/The Netherlands

•        The Dam Keeper: Set in a desolate future, one small town’s survival is due solely to a large windmill dam that acts as a fan to keep out poisonous clouds. Despite bullying from classmates and an indifferent public, the dam’s operator, Pig, works tirelessly to keep the sails spinning in order to protect the town. When a new student, Fox, joins Pig’s class, everything begins to change. 18m/USA

Highly commended additional animated shorts:

•        Sweet Cocoon: A caterpillar about to undergo her metamorphosis finds her cocoon is much too small to squeeze into. Two helpful insects come to her aid. 6m/France

•        Footprints: A gullible man goes on a quest to find a mysterious, destructive monster, only to arrive at a surprising revelation. 4m/USA

•        Duet: Mia and Tosh’s individual paths in life weave together to create an inspired duet. 4m/USA

•        Bus Story: Our protagonist dreams of becoming a bus driver in order to cruise down quiet country lanes and connect with nature, her young charges and their parents. But her idyllic view of her new job is sorely tested after she meets her surly boss, “Killer,” and discovers that winding roads can prove treacherous in winter, especially with a faulty clutch. 11m/Canada

1h 17m/Not Rated/Appropriate for children ages 8 and older

LIVE ACTION Short Films program

·         Parvaneh: A young Afghan immigrant travels to Zurich where she encounters a punk named Emily. 25m/Switzerland

·         Boogaloo and Graham: Jamesy and Malachy are over the moon when their soft-hearted dad presents them with two baby chicks to care for. Raising their tiny charges, declaring themselves vegetarian and dreaming of running a chicken farm, the two boys are in for a shock when their parents announce that big changes are coming to the family. 14m/UK

·         Aya: Two strangers unexpectedly meet at an airport. He mistakenly assumes her to be his assigned driver. She, enchanted by the random encounter, does not hurry to prove him wrong. 39m/Israel & France

·         The Phone Call: The story follows Heather, (played by OSCAR® nominee Sally Hawkins), a shy lady who works at a helpline call centre. When she receives a phone call from a mystery man (played by Oscar winner Jim Broadbent), she has no idea that the encounter will change her life forever. 21m/UK

·         Butter Lamp: A young itinerant photographer and his assistant offer to photograph some Tibetan nomads in front of various backgrounds. 15m/France & China

1h 57m/Not Rated/Appropriate for children ages 13 and older

Tickets for either program are $11 for adults and $9 for Tampa Theatre Members, seniors and military members at the Tampa Theatre Box Office, located at 711 N. Franklin Street in downtown Tampa, or online at www.TampaTheatre.org 


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