Asia Transpacific Journeys Announce 2015 Travel Trends


When one thinks of India, many images come to mind; the country is known for its exotic, colorful and mysterious culture. Rife with history, India’s vast array of cultures and religions have coexisted for millennia, each contributing to what is now a beautiful and hugely diverse country, ideal for an exciting and educational voyage abroad. When it comes to travel to India, Asia Transpacific Journeys is the premier purveyor of immersive cultural experiences. With their guidance, travelers can wander through preserved palaces, fortresses, temples, and buzzing urban centers to take in all that India has to offer.  


Of course, no visit to India is complete without a glimpse of the Taj Mahal, the world’s most incredible testament to love. Dazzling from a distance, a look inside conjures up the beauty of Indian culture through the astounding detail of its inlaid stonework. Get an intimate look at the building by exploring with one of Asia Transpacific Journeys’ knowledgeable guides, who will reveal the beauty and history of the monument at dawn, when most tourists are still in bed. Watching the sunrise bathe the Taj Mahal in pink light creates a magnificent and memorable backdrop for your visit.


The cradle of both Buddhism and Hinduism, India is awash in opportunities to explore your consciousness and achieve spiritual peace. Perhaps your tour will bring you through the scenic Himalayas, where you can retreat to an Ayurvedic spa or partake of activities geared towards spiritual and physical cleansing. Or see a more serene side of the Indian capital of Delhi by enlisting the wisdom and experience of a notable yogi, who will guide you through one of India’s oldest physical and mental practices—yoga. For another quintessentially Indian cultural and spiritual experience, visit the ancient city of Varanasi on the banks of the sacred Ganges River. It is India’s most holy site and a place every devout Hindu aspires to visit at least once in their lifetime. Imbued with an unmistakable spiritual gravitas, Varanasi is one of the few places to witness unbroken rituals of life and death passed down over many millennia.


When traveling with children, or those with an affinity for wildlife, the dense jungles of central India serve as a pristine classroom to learn about the country’s fascinating wildlife. The parks and preserves in this lush region are amongst the best places to witness majestic animals, such as the Bengal Tiger, in their natural habitat. Asia Transpacific Journeys arranges in-depth touring and lodging at a variety of luxury camps, eco-lodges and restored royal residences to allow complete immersion into this stunning natural and cultural environment.


One cannot dream of visiting India without tasting the best cuisine the country has to offer—a kaleidoscope of flavors and spices that vary by region. Asia Transpacific Journeys’ Travel Specialists are connoisseurs of Asian cuisine and arrange culinary adventures you might never be able to experience on your own. Whether you desire a five-course meal in one of the country’s most distinguished restaurants or a hands-on home cooking lesson, Asia Transpacific Journeys arranges for far more than meals—they provide authentic and immersive culinary experiences.


From its awe-inspiring temples, to abundant forests and flourishing culture, Asia Transpacific Journeys has spent decades carefully curating experiences in India that venture far beyond the guidebook. No request is too big or too small—Asia Transpacific Journeys is dedicated to crafting distinctive trips of a lifetime based around the unique desires and travel style of each individual traveler.


For more information about a Custom Journey to India or elsewhere in Asia or the Pacific, please visit or call (toll-free) 800-642-2742800-642-2742.



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