Bush Dog Mourned at the Palm Beach Zoo


The Palm Beach Zoo & Conservation Society family is mourning the loss of one of its well-loved animals: Pegunita, a 10-year-old female bush dog. Born in a litter with two other females at the Zoo on August 29, 2004, she was documented as one of the oldest bush dogs in the United States. Her remaining sister Mona now holds that title at the Alexandria Zoological Park in Louisiana. Pegunita was humanely euthanized on January 5, 2015, after veterinary staff determined her kidney disease was progressively worsening, and no further treatment would help. 

“For more than two years, Pegunita suffered from kidney problems that required daily medication and occasional fluid therapy,” explained Nancy Nill, associate curator for the Zoo. “Her health continued to worsen, but we were able to manage it. This time, she was not able to bounce back.”

“We will miss Pegunita, as she was a wonderful ambassador for this rare species,” Nill continued. “I am proud of the excellent work our staff has done over the past decade to make sure she lived a full and healthy life.”

Bush dogs are rare canids found in Central and South America. Bush dogs have partially webbed toes, which allow them to be efficient swimmers. These carnivores typically reside in small packs. Their status is listed as Near Threatened.


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