Palm Beach Zoo Gosling Beats the Odds, Receives New Name

The Palm Beach Zoo & Conservation Society is celebrating National Bird Day by announcing the name of a baby bird that is beating the odds.

544992FF-1E2C-4328-95F4-B51DE28AD141Lalo is the new name for a male Indian pygmy gosling, born on August 23, 2014 to mother Dhati and father Madhu. Out of the 299 hatchlings of this species born in zoos over the past few decades, only 31 ever made it to adulthood, so Lalo as a four-month-old healthy juvenile is a success story.

Avian Zookeeper Rhonda Douthett works closely with the gosling in the Zoo’s Beuttenmuller Asian Aviary. She named Lalo after a wilderness guide in the Madidi National Park in Bolivia, where she worked on behalf of the Zoo in a conservation program for the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS). She said Lalo is a large gosling at 264g, exceeding his father Madhu in weight, and he enjoys eating mealworms and nibbling on corn and kale from the Zoo’s crested wood partridge food pot.

“He likes to perch with his family,” said Douthett. “He loves perching on the handrail in the aviary’s bridge even more than he likes swimming.”

Guests are encouraged to visit Lalo and his family in the aviary, where they can be seen swimming in the stream or perching on the bridge. 


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