“BRAIN” exhibit opens January 23, 2015 at Museum of Discovery and Science

What’s more important than your brain? Now you can take a look inside this quintessential organic computer that is responsible for every thought, every motion and every response your body makes. The Museum of Discovery and Science’s newest traveling exhibit, BRAIN: The World Inside Your Head, opening January 23, 2015, is presented locally by Leo Goodwin Foundation.

Brain CU 12 DnLd

Alan Goldberg, Leo Goodwin Foundation President of the Board of Trustees said, “The human brain has long since been the center of focus for science research and investigation. We are happy to support the exhibition of this interactive exhibit that provides an in-depth look inside the central nervous system’s most important component – the brain!”

BRAIN employs innovative special effects, 3-D reproductions, virtual reality, hands-on learning activities and interactive technology to delve into the inner workings of the brain, including its processes, potentials and mysteries. BRAIN is made possible by Pfizer Inc. and produced by Evergreen Exhibitions, in collaboration with the National Institutes of Health.

Upon entry into the exhibit, visitors walk through a shimmering tunnel of flashing fiber-optics that illuminates networks of neurons firing and communicating. From this dynamic beginning, BRAIN invites you deeper into the brain to discover its basic workings. You can explore the revitalizing nature of sleep and learn about the latest brain imaging technologies, then study the re-created skull of Phineas Gage — a man who survived after his brain was pierced by a metal rod — as you trace the evolution of scientists’ understanding of the brain’s physiology.

You also will discover the reality of brain disorders, injuries and irregularities, and learn more about conditions such as Alzheimer’s, depression and addiction as you explore the relationship between depression and creativity, how drugs work in the brain, and the nature of pain. Finally, you will get a glimpse of the future of brain treatments in the new era of genome mapping and molecular medicine.

“The goal of this innovative exhibit is to demystify brain diseases and put to rest some of the negative stigmas associated with them,” said Dr. John Gillespie, U.S. Medical Director for Pfizer Inc. “We also aim to open the doors of communication within families dealing with any type of brain disease. According to a recent survey, 38 percent of American adults said they have a family member with a brain-related disorder; yet only 16 percent of parents said they have ‘very thoroughly discussed’ mental illness with their children.”

The exhibit is made possible by a grant from Pfizer Inc. a research-based global healthcare company whose mission is to discover and develop innovative, value-added products that improve quality of life for people around the world, and help them enjoy longer, healthier and more productive lives.

The National Institutes of Health, serving as a partner in exhibition production and content collaboration, is the principal biomedical and behavioral research agency of the United States government and one of the world’s foremost medical research centers. Exhibit developer and producer Evergreen Exhibitions provides high quality, family-friendly educational experiences, and serves as a major development partner to more than 200 leading museums and research institutions.


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