Tampa Theatre to screen controversial THE INTERVIEW this weekend

0image0Its the film North Korea didnt want you to see.

Its the film that has sparked the biggest cinematic controversy of 2014 (sorry, whale movie nice try.)
Its the film that cancelled its Christmas Day release after a group calling itself the Guardians of Peace hacked Sony Pictures Entertainment and threatened 9/11-style terrorist attacks on any theatre that screened it.
And now its the film Tampa Theatre – along with other independent theatres around the country – have gotten permission to play.
From the Western capitalist pigs who brought you NEIGHBORS and THIS IS THE END, comes the most controversial movie of 2014, THE INTERVIEW, starring Seth Rogen and James Franco.
Dave Skylark (Franco) and producer Aaron Rapaport (Rogen) run a celebrity tabloid show “Skylark Tonight.” When they discover that North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un (Randall Park) is a fan of the show, they land an interview with him in an attempt to legitimize themselves as journalists. But plans change when CIA Agent Lacey (Lizzy Caplan) recruits Skylark and Rapaport – perhaps the two least-qualified men imaginable – to turn their trip to Pyongyang into a mission to assassinate the North Korean dictator.
Show times are 10:45 p.m. Friday and Saturday, Dec. 26-27 and January 2-3. Tickets are $11 for adults and $9 for Tampa Theatre Members, seniors and military, available at the Tampa Box office or online at www.tampatheatre.org (service fees apply.)

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