Surprise Alligator Hatchlings at the Palm Beach Zoo

The newest members of the Palm Beach Zoo & Conservation Society are nine surprise American alligator hatchlings discovered on October 10, 2014. Father Fred and mother Wilma have lived together in the habitat for more than a decade, and Wilma has built a nest every year since 1999. None of her eggs were fertile, until this year, when a groundskeeping staff member at the Zoo noticed a baby alligator swimming in the habitat.


This is such a pleasant surprise,” said Elizabeth Anderson, associate curator for the Zoo. “It shows that Fred and Wilma have everything they need to breed successfully.”

Fred and Wilma are both estimated to be twenty-five years old. Guests are encouraged to come meet the first-time parent alligators in the American alligator habitat in the Florida Wetlands section of the Zoo. The baby alligators are remaining behind-the-scenes in the Zoo’s Melvin J. & Claire Levine Animal Care Complex.


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