Volunteer Record Topped at Palm Beach Zoo for Second Year

The Palm Beach Zoo & Conservation Society’s volunteer office is announcing for the second year in a row, volunteers have broken two records: total hours volunteered, and the amount of money volunteers have saved the Zoo. The volunteer office began the fiscal year in October 2013 with the goals of increasing the amount of applicants for Zoo internships, increase participation in the Eagle Scout volunteer program, retain and build relationships with local colleges and universities, and retain its current core of regular volunteers while increasing volunteers during special events.

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“We are proud to have met all of our goals for this fiscal year, and to have broken two records here at the Palm Beach Zoo & Conservation Society,” said Joe Landmichl, volunteer manager for the Zoo. “On top of breaking the all-time volunteer hour record, we also broke a record for money saved. Last year, we were able to save the Zoo $42,000, and this year we estimate that we saved the Zoo an estimated $83,000!”

In 2012, there were 89 total volunteers who donated 9,894 hours to the Zoo. In 2013, 473 total volunteers donated 34,931 hours to the Zoo. This past fiscal year, 799 volunteers donated 36,825 hours to the Zoo.

“It has been a busy year for the office, and I am proud of all the accomplishments that the volunteer league, youth volunteer corps and all the volunteers have accomplished this year,” said Landmichl. “We are encouraging Zoo staff members that the next time they see our volunteers, to thank them!”

The Zoological Society of the Palm Beaches exists to inspire people to act on behalf of wildlife and the natural world. We advance our conservation mission through endangered species propagation, education and support of conservation initiatives in the field. Our commitment to sustainable business practices elevates our capacity to inspire others.

The Palm Beach Zoo & Conservation Society is located at 1301 Summit Boulevard in West Palm Beach, Florida. The Zoo is open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. every day, except Thanksgiving and Christmas. For more information, visit www.palmbeachzoo.org.


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