Tampa Theatre to host 40th anniversary reunion screening of SATAN’S CHILDREN

On Saturday, Nov. 15, Tampa Theatre will host a sinister celebration of the Bay area’s own creature feature, SATAN’S CHILDREN: a devilish 1970’s era thriller filmed in Tampa. It has never enjoyed a proper cinematic release… until now!

action (2)

In the spring of 1974, WTVT-FOX producer/director Joe Wiezycki assembled a determined coven of Tampa TV crew and an ensemble cast, chiefly from the University of South Florida. Together, they filmed a shocking and exploitive tale of brutal revenge, bizarre unholy rituals, hedonistic hippie culture, weird sex and the seductive spell of Satanic cults.

In other words, the film that has been called “a sensationally sick, twisted and depraved doozy of a low-budget ‘70s drive-in horror flick” is grindhouse horror movie heaven!

The so-bad-it’s-good schlock film never saw a proper theatrical release, and it seemed doomed to obscurity, even during the popular VHS era of the 1980s. But this fall, Fangoria Magazine, The Sunscreen Film Festival, and Fandomonium in Tampa Bay will give the devil his due with a SATAN’S CHILDREN 40th Anniversary Cast & Crew Reunion Screening at 10 p.m. Saturday, Nov. 15.

For the first time ever, original cast and crew members will reunite on stage and discuss the making of this underground drive-in classic with local historic appeal. The special hometown screening will include a post-film Q&A with Stephen White (“Bobby Douglas”), Rosemary Orlando (“Monica”), John Edwards (“Joshua”), John Mocsary (special make-up effects), Bill Dudley (sound recordist), and more. The cast and crew will be available for autographs, and DVDs and commemorative SATAN’S CHILDREN posters will be available for purchase.

“This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to experience SATAN’S CHILDREN at the glorious Tampa Theatre with the original cast and crew in attendance!” said event organizer Andy Lalino, who will also be documenting the screening in the pages of Fangoria Magazine, the horror industry’s most popular periodical since 1979.


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