MOSI’s Interim-CEO slimed for ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

In an effort to conserve water, MOSI’s Interim-CEO, Molly Demeulenaere took a unique approach when called out for the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. 

“People all over the world are dying from a lack of clean water,” said Demeulenaere. “As a science center, we are dedicated to the reduce, reuse, recycle mindset.” 

STEAMpunks, MOSI’s science Edutainers, poured hot water into liquid nitrogen to create a giant cloud of mist that covered Demeulenaere. The liquid nitrogen transformed into large chunks of ice that will be re-used in MOSI’s Food Truck Rally happening tonight. 

“We couldn’t let her get away with a gentle misting, though,” said Sara Turner, who manages MOSI’s STEAMpunk program. 

In true science center fashion, STEAMpunks dumped a giant bowl of green slime on Demeulenaere’s head to seal the deal. 

action (2)


“The ALS Ice Bucket challenge has brought so much awareness to a wonderful organization, and I encourage everyone to support their local charities, in any way possible,” said Demeulenaere.


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