Tampa Theatre Launches Power2Give Campaign for New Popcorn Machine


It doesn’t matter if you’re hungry or not. The moment that smell hits you, you just have to have it: TAMPA THEATRE’S FAMOUS POPCORN.

For decades, patrons have claimed that Tampa Theatre has the best popcorn in town. But the Theatre’s current popper is more than 15 years old, and it has begun to show its age. Most recently, a motor malfunction and a fire in the oil pump cost the non-profit Theatre nearly $2,000 in maintenance and repairs.

When the popcorn machine catches on fire, it’s time to get a new popper.

Today, Tampa Theatre is launching a campaign through Power2Give.org that invites patrons to contribute “a little or a lot” toward the purchase of a new popcorn machine. The goal, a Gold Medal model #2911ENB, features a 52oz kettle capable of producing 10 gallons of popcorn at a time — almost twice the Theatre’s current capacity per batch. And more capacity, the Theatre promises, will mean faster-moving lines at the concessions stand!

Donors to the project will receive popcorn-themed benefits, ranging from an invitation to a “Popcorn Party” and film screening, all the way up to free popcorn for a year for higher-level gifts.

Those looking to contribute can link to the project directly from the Theatre’s website at TampaTheatre.org/popcorn-problem or search for projects across the Bay area at Power2Give.org

Power2give.org/TampaBay is a new funding program hosted by The Arts Council of Hillsborough County that makes giving to the arts more accessible and allows anyone to support specific arts projects or organizations they are passionate about.


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